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The scene we chose from Hedda Gabler comes from Act 2, line 278 to line 422. The main characters involved in this scene are Tesman, Eilert Lovborg, Hedda, and Brack. Eilert Lovborg’s objective in this scene is to make sure that people will enjoy his new novel he has written. Although many readers of this play get the misconception that Lovborg wants to compete against Tesman for a position at the university, his most important goal is to get acknowledgement of his transformation and achievement. The obstacle that stands in his way is his skepticism in the popularity of his novels.

Lovborg worries that his book will not be successful and that he will be still known as the alcoholic that writes horrible books. He also believes that his book will not be as good because he was just trying to please everyone with a general history of the past. A tactic that Lovborg has in order to overcome his doubts is his assurance in his other book. He has written another book. The manuscript he has with him will be worth reading and he has much faith in this that gives him the confidence he needs to succeed. Tesman’s initial objective in this scene is to secure his position at the university.

He believes that Lovborg will try to compete against him for this position. An obstacle that Tesman has in the beginning of this scene is his misunderstanding of the competition he has against Lovborg. He worries about obtaining this position. Another objective that Tesman has is to be relieved and satisfied without being worried. After he understands that his obstacle with Lovborg was a misunderstanding, Tesman realizes that his obstacle is how Hedda resents her inclusion in his excitement. Tesman’s overall tactic in both of these events is to just run away from the problems. He does this by leaving the scene with Brack to get some punch.

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Hedda’s objective in this scene is to make this interaction between Lovborg, Tesman, and Brack very friendly. An obstacle that arises is how Tesman is stressed out with the issues dealing with this meeting that is about to occur. He is worried about the competition he has with Lovborg. Hedda’s tactic to relieve this anxiety is her answers to his questions he has and her comforting ideas to bring tranquility to the atmosphere. Brack’s objective in this play is to get Lovborg to come to his house for the party. He wants Lovborg to come and read his manuscript at the party. An obstacle is when Lovborg says that he would do it some other time.

Also, Hedda supports the rejection Lovborg has to Brack’s invitation. She states that if Lovborg doesn’t want to go, he should just have supper with her that night. Brack’s tactic was to give Lovborg compliments on his works. Also, Brack got Tesman involved in trying to lure Lovborg so he told him of all the benefits he would get to come to the party such as the “plenty of rooms,” tactic. Enoch will act as Brack and be in charge of the set design, Julie will act as Hedda and be in charge of the sound design, Jae will act as Tesman and be in charge of the costume design, and Lucy will act as Lovborg and be in charge of light design.

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