Essays on A Long Way Gone

Essays on A Long Way Gone

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You might find that reading a long way gone book review changes how you see war and explains why people fight in wars today. However, it mainly focuses on the effects of civil war and child soldiers. There are several a long way gone theme essays discussed throughout, including abandonment, death, betrayal, hope, love, war atrocities, etc. You can rely on us to conduct all the necessary research for your papers and deliver them on time. Reach out and well gladly help you.

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War Destroys Trust: a Long Way Gone

War Destroys Trust In the book Long Way Gone Ishmael Beah struggles between trust and survival in the midst of a gruesome war. He laments how, “the war had destroyed the enjoyment of the very experience of meeting people” throughout the book there are many …

A Long Way Gone
Words 587
Pages 3
A long way Gone and Refugee Boy

Ishmael Beah’s A Long Way Gone and Alem Kelo’s Refugee Boy are both exceptional books on the lives of two different people in two different countries undergoing almost similar events in life. (more…)

A Long Way Gone
Words 34
Pages 1
Mother and Honesty

Shu Kitamura Mr Bell AP Lang 14 March 2013 Escaping The Pain I believe in honesty. I believe that a man should never lie; any human being, regardless of what situation he or she is in, should never lie. Honesty is the core of trust. …

A Long Way GoneCulturePhilosophy
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Violence And Child Soldier’s Struggles In “Long Way Gone”

Abby Leavengood HWL P. 5 9-26-12 A Long Way Gone Essay In Ismael Beah’s A Long Way Gone, violence and child soldier’s struggles is a major and common point. These passages were heart wrenching and difficult to get through. Beah went through a lot of …

A Long Way Gone
Words 504
Pages 2
The Effect of Wars On Ismael 

Innocence and childhood play a big role in the Sierra Leone army during its civil war. Childhood usually related to happiness and innocence in a conversation. Ishmael was just an innocent child when he begins to forces to do things even grown-up men shouldn’t have …

A Long Way GoneEmotionsMemoir
Words 919
Pages 4
A Long Way Gone

Ishmael Beah’s work “A Long Way Gone” captures the essence of the situation in war-stricken Sierra Leone. It tells us how a young boy was forced to become a soldier to preserve his life and live to tell his story. Although Beah was from an …

A Long Way Gone
Words 61
Pages 1
In A long way gone by Ishmael Beah

In A long way gone, by Ishmael Beah the main character ishmael struggles to good in a society that demands evil. As ishamel feels he is doing good, the lines of good and evil become extreamly blured. During Ishmael first battle, he fought angirly to …

A Long Way Gone
Words 287
Pages 2
A Long Way Gone: Ishmael

Ishmael Beah was 12 years old when the opposing army, The Rebels, attacked his small town, Sierra Loene. Ishmael fled leaving everything important to him behind. His family, home, and possessions were all gone. With only his brother and nine friends, he ran away. For …

A Long Way Gone
Words 506
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A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier is a memoir written by Ishmael Beah, an author from Sierra Leone. The book is a firsthand account of Beah's time as a child soldier during the civil war in Sierra Leone.
Originally published

February 13, 2007




240 pp (first edition)


Cover artist: Jennifer Carrow, Michael Kamber, Philip Smith (photograph)


History , Sierra Leone Civil War

Frequently asked questions

What is the main message of A Long Way Gone?
The main message of A Long Way Gone is that war is a terrible thing that causes immense suffering. The book is a memoir of the author's experiences as a child soldier in Sierra Leone, and it details the horrific things he saw and did during the war. The book is also a testament to the author's strength and resilience, as he was able to overcome his experiences and build a new life for himself.
What is the summary of A Long Way Gone?
A Long Way Gone is the story of a boy, Ishmael Beah, who is forced to become a child soldier during the Sierra Leone Civil War. Ishmael is separated from his family and friends and must fight for his life every day. He eventually ends up in a rehabilitation center, where he is able to start to heal from the trauma he has experienced.
What is the meaning of A Long Way Gone?
A Long Way Gone is a novel written by Ishmael Beah. The novel is a memoir of his experiences as a child soldier in Sierra Leone. The title of the novel comes from a phrase in the novel, a long way gone from home". This phrase refers to the physical and emotional distance that Beah feels from his home and family. The novel is about Beah's journey to find his way back to his home and to find himself again."

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