Essays on A Long Way Gone

Essays on A Long Way Gone

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Mother and Honesty

Shu Kitamura Mr Bell AP Lang 14 March 2013 Escaping The Pain I believe in honesty. I believe that a man should never lie; any human being, regardless of what situation he or she is in, should never lie. Honesty is the core of trust. …

A Long Way GoneCulturePhilosophy
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A Long Way Gone: Ishmael

Ishmael Beah was 12 years old when the opposing army, The Rebels, attacked his small town, Sierra Loene. Ishmael fled leaving everything important to him behind. His family, home, and possessions were all gone. With only his brother and nine friends, he ran away. For …

A Long Way Gone
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In A long way gone by Ishmael Beah

In A long way gone, by Ishmael Beah the main character ishmael struggles to good in a society that demands evil. As ishamel feels he is doing good, the lines of good and evil become extreamly blured. During Ishmael first battle, he fought angirly to …

A Long Way Gone
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War Destroys Trust: a Long Way Gone

War Destroys Trust In the book Long Way Gone Ishmael Beah struggles between trust and survival in the midst of a gruesome war. He laments how, “the war had destroyed the enjoyment of the very experience of meeting people” throughout the book there are many …

A Long Way Gone
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Violence And Child Soldier’s Struggles In “Long Way Gone”

Abby Leavengood HWL P. 5 9-26-12 A Long Way Gone Essay In Ismael Beah’s A Long Way Gone, violence and child soldier’s struggles is a major and common point. These passages were heart wrenching and difficult to get through. Beah went through a lot of …

A Long Way Gone
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A Long Way Gone

Ishmael Beah’s work “A Long Way Gone” captures the essence of the situation in war-stricken Sierra Leone. It tells us how a young boy was forced to become a soldier to preserve his life and live to tell his story. Although Beah was from an …

A Long Way Gone
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A long way Gone and Refugee Boy

Ishmael Beah’s A Long Way Gone and Alem Kelo’s Refugee Boy are both exceptional books on the lives of two different people in two different countries undergoing almost similar events in life. (more…)

A Long Way Gone
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What is the message of a Long Way Gone?
A Long Way Gone also emphasizes human resilience, hope, and the beauty of human strength. A central message is that violence, hatred, or war consumes all people, especially children.
What does a Long Way Gone teach us?
4. To remind people how you can cope. Beah managed to flee from his home country in order to make a fresh start in America. He claimed that living with violence forced him to discover his own ways of dealing.
What competition does Ishmael win resulting in his promotion?
He chooses Ishmael as his throat-slitting partner, and also selects other young soldiers. The first one to kill all the enemies in the shortest amount of time wins.
Is a Long Way Gone considered a war story?
Ishmael's true story is "A Long Way Gone", which tells of his journey as a young boy soldier during civil wars in Sierra Leone. Ishmael, along with his brother, and some of his friends, travel from one village to the next in search for food and shelter. ...

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