Google and PepsiCo Leadership Case Study

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Culture is an essential element of organizing in the P-O-L-C framework. Do you think Google has a strong culture? What would it take to make changes in that culture, for better or for worse? Undoubtedly Google has one of the strongest cultures in today’s corporate world. The strong work culture has paid off for Google as it is ranked consistently as the best place to work.

If Google were to remain in the best position in the future, It has to change continuously and evolve accordingly to face the competitors. Google’s cultural innovations might be imitated in other companies as well. It is easy to have a good corporate lifestyle when the company the company is doing very well on the economic front. When company’s resources become more constrained with the maturing of its industry and its business model, these kind of investments will be harder to make. When Google slows down financially it will be difficult to retain great employees.

Do you think Google’s unique culture will help or hurt Google in the long run? Google’s unique culture might not help Google as it is helping today. I think so because the corporate life style, more benefits to employees are very much imitable by other companies. Any company that is doing very good financially can adopt these measures. There comes a point in future where the core competencies matter. In the current trend Google is losing its employees Facebook. It might be difficult to retain great minds with this unique culture.

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What are the factors responsible for the specific culture that exists in Google? The factors responsible for the specific culture that exists in Google are

  • The Founder values and principles which was committed for end user
    satisfaction over the more money in shorter time frame.
  • Keeping the employees happy is other value Google is bound to. It provides best in class work environment to motivate and retain the creamy layer in the technological field.
  • .Encouraging employees to risk taking and innovation. Every engineer is allowed to use 20% of their time to work on the project of their interest.

What type of decision-making approach has Google taken? Do you think this will remain the same over time? Why or why not? In Google the decisions are made in a team. It is not based on the gut feeling of a senior person that is implemented top down. All the decisions are based on the supporting data.

I feel that this might not remain the same over time. As the head count of the company increases, competitive pressure rises, it becomes more and more difficult to follow this approach of decision making. There may be a need of centralized decision making.

Do you see any challenges Google may face in the future because of its emphasis on having a risk-taking culture? I see that Google may face many challenges because of risk taking culture because of its emphasis on risk taking culture. Risk taking may not always yield the right results. When this approach is over used it might hurt the revenues very badly. Google should not take risks without sufficiently prepared for its consequences. Read also G oogle's business model relies on which of the following to generate revenue

How might a leader like Nooyi influence PepsiCo’s use of P-O-L-C tools beyond her obvious role in the leadership dimension? Beyond her obvious role in the leadership dimension, Nooyi has a very positive influence on PepsiCo’s use of P-O-L-C tools. She is very much liked and respected by everyone. She listens to people around her .With her diverse background she has an appreciation for diversity which adds value to
the company. She assumes that people have good intentions which helps her to avoid misunderstandings and show empathy toward them.

Do you think Indra Nooyi’s vision of “performance with purpose” has been effective? Why or why not? I feel that Nooyi’s vision of “performance with purpose” has totally been effective. In the current trend where people are very health conscious in choosing the food and drink they consume, Nooyi adopted measures to address the obesity issues by improving the nutritional content of PepsiCo. She was the key person in PepsiCo’s acquisition of healthy product lines such as Quaker oats and Tropicana. She is the driving force for reducing PepsiCo’s reliance on high-sugar, high-calorie beverages, and she made sure that PepsiCo removed trans fats from all its products before its competitors. She also wants to drive PepsiCo as an environmentally sustainable company.

 How does charisma relate to leadership? Do you think the CEO of PepsiCo possesses this characteristic? Charisma often relates to leadership. Charismatic individuals have a magnetic personality that strikes their followers. They have a vision around which people can gather. They are energetic and make sure that employees have confidence in them. They address the status quo challenges Undoubtedly CEO of PepsiCo Indra Nooyi possesses this Characteristic. She has the ability to motivate and drive people with her charisma. She has proven this by the results that PepsiCo is shown in the recent times.

What makes Indra Nooyi so successful at her job? Is it her level of authority, or is it something else? I feel Indra Nooyi is a great leader. It is not only her authority that has led her to be so successful in her job but also her goals and her charismatic personality. She has the advantage of having come from a diverse
background, which adds value. She listens to people around her and motivates them. She has a likable personality and earned enormous respect in her job. She is role model for other business leaders today.

What do the types of advisors that Indra Nooyi relies on tell you about her values? Nooyi relies on advisors such as the ex-CEOs of PepsiCo. She is a very collaborative person and she seeks help and information when she needs it.

How much passion does Indra Nooyi seem to bring to her role as CEO of PepsiCo? Indra Nooyi brings in lot of passion to her role as a CEO of PepsiCo. She is a leader with the vision of achieving performance with purpose. She is bent on making PepsiCo a environmentally sustainable company. She is tackling the one of the biggest health problem

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