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My current position as a sales representative involves working as a group with team members who are on the same job description. Promotional opportunities in the near future include being promoted to become a team leader, sales executive, expanding the region of supervision among others. These are at a modest level. At a higher level I am aiming at being promoted to a position of a branch sales manager or a country sales representative in the short term.

Method of Career Management

The most appropriate method of career management is self-management. This is where; I am to take charge of my career, making a plan as far as my career is concerned. A self-management in career involves making the key decision in my career, and being aptly prepared for any change that might arise in the work place. This is in contrast to when I would let the organization be the key decision maker in my career progression. Self-career management also involves channeling all my efforts towards ensuring that I make the right choices. Current skills, abilities, training and education Education Continuing with a bachelor in sales and marketing

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Advanced certificate in market and consumer analysis Professional Qualifications. A professional certificate in accounting. An internationally recognized certificate in logistics and purchases Proficiency in Ms Office applications Oracle Professional affiliations. A life member of the Chicago Association of Sales and Marketing executives. An eminent member of the sales advisory committee in Benson and Jakes Group of Companies Job satisfaction attribute Quality of the social relationships within the organization. This is because most of the activities in the work place involve a high level of social interactions.

Effective communication with the immediate bosses and fellow employees would be a source of satisfaction in the work place. Self-efficacy would refer to my perception in my ability to handle the tasks and activities that have been allocated to me in the organization. This arises from the fact that there is a direct correlation between ones perception to the job and the job satisfaction. I would want to have a positive perception towards my abilities and skills. Proper remuneration is also an attribute of job satisfaction.

The higher the pay the higher the level of job satisfaction in the work places. Remuneration goes a long way in increasing motivation in the workers (Madaus J, 2003) Action Steps Scheduling the tasks to be accomplished and time tabling them in a calendar. Each task should be allocated ample and reasonable time to ensure that it is attainable. It is this schedule that should inform me on whether I am within the allocated time and whether it is possible to accomplish my goals and objectives in the allocated time. Discuss the plan wit the relevant supervisors in the human resource management.

It is wise to share out my dreams with my supervisor and make changes where necessary. This is necessitated by the fact that I have chosen Benson and Jakes to be the organization to fulfill my dreams and I am committed to see my career progress. My performance evaluation and report and will be availed to me to indicate the areas why I should double my efforts. Progression in academics will play a big role in my career advancement. I will meet with my academic instructors and advisors in the respective university to gather tips in how to achieve the stated goals.

They will advise me one the workability of my education plan and in the changes that are necessary to make the goals attainable. Potential Barriers Financial constraints. The funds for my academic studies have to be provided by the organization through the staff education and training program. This program most of the times has an overwhelming number of applicants and the funds allocated are inadequate to cater for all the applicants necessitating the organizations to provide the funds in phases. This will greatly affect my career plan.

Uncooperative supervisors who in one way or another may feel threatened by my academic advancements. Time allocated for the accomplishments of the goals might not be adequate having in mind the other constraints. It would not be possible to juggle between studies and a demanding job. Effects of career training program To increase the chances and the likelihood of earning a promotion in the organization.  Acquiring further knowledge and skills in the area of my expertise. It will enable me to make an informed decision in career management.


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