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Henrietta Koramoah What I learned-Poison Gas used in World War I I learned a lot about World War I and a lot about poison gas during this assignment. First I learned that poison gas was used as an accessory that killed a lot of people. I learned that the use of poison gas was started by France. They used poison gas against Germans in the war. Then Germans started using poison gas against most of the other country and their allies. The poison gas used was phosgene gas, mustard gas, chlorine, Asphyxiate, and Lachrymator (tearing agent).

Most of these gases contain toxic and a harmful bacterium that can cause damage to humans immediately. Secondly I learned that for first time in the war; poison gas was like a weapon but only used to frighten soldiers. Even though the soldiers had their mask on, some were still injured. In 1917 when the United States joined the war, after defeated by the Germans most countries like the British got mask for their soldier and used poison gas as a respond to their enemies such as the Germans.

Thirdly I learned that, France and British made more mask to protect them from the pain of poison gas. The Germans defeated a lot of countries with the help of poison gas. Even though poison gas did injured and hurt a lot of people. The number of damages caused by poison gas was low to the damages caused by machine guns. And lastly I learned that Germans were blamed for the damages caused in the war, I thought that was a little bit unfair but I thought Germans had it coming. So in conclusion this is what I learned about poison gas in my I-Search assignment.

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