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Also, could Galloway Canada really create a source of competitive advantage in service? Ely Scalawag's history I believe that Ely had quite a bit of a struggle in golf because he was willing to pay premium for improved performance. This is what he felt would give a competitive advantage over his competitors. Furthermore, with this strategy, he felt that It would be more enjoyable for the average golfer. War-,l S. W. O. T for Galloway S- they are already established, brand loyalty W-one of their products performed poorly, only target 'rich' people O-Service,

Tailoring to golfers needs T-Competitors and substitutes Porters 5 forces In relation to Galloway: I only depicted 2 of the 5 forces that would have a major affect on Scalawags. The first force that would come into play would be the Threat of substitutes', this is because if prices are lower at a competing golf manufacturing company, a person who really does not care about performance, but more so for just doing it as a hobby, would Therefore, I believe that Scalawags should target a wider costumer base instead of just the upper class performers.

On the other hand, another force that would come into play would be Rivalry because Scalawags has a lot of intense competition. This means that they have to focus on the pressure they have on prices, meaning because they charge premium prices, they are leaving out the common person, who Just wants to play golf as a hobby or for fun. However, this could also be to their advantage because they specialize in tailoring to specific performers, which means that people will be more willing to pay the premium prices, over what Scalawags competitors would offer.

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Alternative 1

In my opinion I believe that the first thing Galloway could do in order to improve their service and minimize competition would be to completely re-create their marketed products. They could do this by having more advertisements with the 'new and improved' products, which would provoke higher performance golfers to be more willing to buy. However, in a market, which is so intensely competitive, I believe that golfers in particular have a mentality of Just constantly needing to improve their 'game'.

Therefore I figured with more advertisements using the 'above the line rumination' strategy, would target golfers who could potentially 'afford' more. This is because Scalawags would be promoted in specialized magazines and on the television, which is more likely to attract higher-class performers.

Alternative 2

I came to the decision that the second alternative was to help sponsor a highly recognizable and qualified golf player, which would aid in promoting their sales because people would automatically associate the product with the performer.

Along with this, Galloway would be Just easily getting its name out there, because Tiger Woods for example, is an icon for professional golfers. Therefore, if Galloway chooses to sponsor Tiger, fans etc would want to Just buy the products because Tiger has them. Alternative 3 Finally, my third alternative for Scalawags would be to target a wider costumer base because right now they are Just promoting to higher performers, whereas if they they would be more likely to buy from Scalawags.

However, Scalawags is perceived as being for 'higher class' people, which means that not too many of 'lower class' performers would want to purchase their products.


Overall, in my opinion I believe that Scalawags Golf should proceed with the third alternative first because catering to other people would be the easiest and less expensive way to improve service and also to gain a competitive advantage over their rivalry.

Along with this, their sales should increase because more people will be willing to buy their product. However, people still may not even want to buy the product because they prefer substitutes. On the other hand, I perceived the second best thing to do would be the sponsor because it's a good marketing strategy. Therefore, by sponsoring a highly qualified ND recognized performer like Tiger Woods, people would be more open to your brand.

Finally, the third and last thing I decided for Galloway is in order to improve its service and gain a competitive advantage they should re-create their image. This, however, would be the most expensive and time-consuming because they would have to develop market research on what the other 'lower class' performers would want. Along with this, the competition of much larger golf stores like Nikkei, who tailor to everyone in golf, have already built that relationship with their customers that Galloway may be trying to target.

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