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Globalization as International Issue

Essay Topic:

Today the concept of “globalization” becomes the most topical and widely used. It is very interesting that the attitude to the globalization – positive, negative or discreet – depends on the level of the social, economic and political development of a country. In present-day conditions the place and the role of globalization cannot be understood without the analysis of that influence, which it renders on a nation, mentality and social behaviour, on ” the vital worlds ” of the people, who are actively or passively participating in this process.

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The historical development of mankind depends on the conditions of globalization in which we see changes of motives, values, orientations of its contemporaries, typical attributes of a person and his or her relations with a community. Today the realistic estimation of the influence of globalization is especially necessary because the “fashion” on it, a background created around this phenomenon recently quite often prevents from distinguishing the reality from an ideological myth.

The essence of globalization is in growing interdependence of different communities but interdependence implies participation in this process of at least two or even greater number of the parties. Practically globalization process benefits the high-developed states, and less developed countries involuntarily become its part, thus not receiving special benefit for themselves, and ” play by the rules ” of the states that lead in this process.

The main part of the population of such states can express its disagreement with the policy of governments that turned to the globalization process, oppose ruthless competitive struggle and go the opposite, inverted in the past, way. Globalization is good then, when this process is accessible to the majority of the countries and when there are conditions of equality between them.

But today’s globalization process in reality does not correspond to its essence, because only certain counties have a possibility to cooperate on an equal basis – the strongest ones, alienating from this process the weaker, not even giving them an opportunity to reduce the gap between them.