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Analyze the Future Job Essay

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Just imagine this; you’re sitting in an extravagant, red chair surrounded by incredibly brilliant people like One Direction, Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift; in a dress that was designed just for you, by Vera Wang herself. Suddenly, you are pulled back into reality as you hear your named being called as a spontaneous applause begins. You walk up to the stage as they play one of your recent hits that was sold out worldwide and you start to give your acceptance speech for winning a Grammy for Record of the Year!

My dream job ever since I was little was to be a popular, legendary music artist. As nice as it sounds with money, popularity, and not to mention the thousands of fans, there have always been three key flaws of being a well-known singer; the no privacy, the work shift, and family. In the first place, becoming a celebrity, especially at a young age, would require accepting the fact that I would no longer have “alone time. ” For instance, say I wanted to go out with my friends and have a good time.

I would have simply one drink and the next day, Star magazine would accumulate rumors and it would be saying that I am an alcoholic, that my life is in chaos and I am getting drunk to compensate for this. Even working in the studio with another singer of the opposite gender and taking a lunch break together would be blown out of proportion. Correspondingly, if I was to be in a relationship, tabloids would be taking pictures of our every move and it would come out any way the paparazzi wanted the story to play out, for the enjoyment of others.

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It may even get to a point where if there was no interesting news at the moment, they could twist it so there would be a break up with the guy I was seeing. My private life would be public. No matter what was going on in my love life, the whole world would know. I could become an open matter for the world to judge. Consequently, the work hours may seem to be the equivalent with a majority of other jobs however, it comes with that and more.

Knowing the music industry, I could be anywhere, possibly doing a world tour or maybe even an album promotion in LA, New York, etc. This requires a lot of adjustment to different time zones and studio work could possibly even call me to be there at six in the morning and not get out of there until later into the day. Exhaustion would be the highest factor in my life. After a while you could even get sick of it, mentally or physically. There would also be promoting the records and endorsements that would cause more inhumanly hours of work.

Somehow I would likewise have to manage to fit in interviews and publicity stunts on top of all of that. Let’s not forget the myriads of charities that would be necessary for me to be getting involved in. Lastly, my family would be the third and probably leading flaw with my choice. In my life, my parents, my sisters, and all my loved ones have always been my first priority. I’m not saying that choosing this occupation would make me lose contact with my relatives, but it would formulate a great impact on the amount of time I get with them.

On the other hand, the normal holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s, and summer are a great time to get together with family but also at the same time, the perfect opportunity in a singer’s career to make public appearances. Generally speaking, the chance to grow into an immense star in the music world is wonderful but comparable to many things in life, as well comes with numerous drawbacks. Now, go back to that scene in your head where you’re just about to grasp that Grammy, all the hard work you ever did in your life leads up to this moment. As you accept that Grammy, you think to yourself, is this job the reason for your smile right now?

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