Gambling Pros and Cons and Stages

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Gambling is one of the many things that people do. A lot of people see no problem in gambling and others may see different. Gambling has many different cause and effects on certain people and different phases of getting there. Some people may get the better effects, and some may get the not so good effects from it. Gambling doesn’t always just affect the person doing it, but may affect the people around them. There are many pros but more cons to gambling. People may just go gamble just for a night out, others do it on a regular basis.

The ones that may do it on regular basis, build their own life around it. Getting into gambling may be caused from stress, greed, and mental health problems. Depression is a big one. When depressed gambling can lift up someone’s mood, especially if he or she is winning all the time. When winning all the time a person becomes greedier with their money than before. Some just don’t know when to stop. Some people waste their winnings on trying to win more when they should’ve just walked away. Other people use gambling when he or she is stressed out about money.

They think they win one time there going to win many more, and money problems will disappear. From many stories shared around most likely that won’t be the case more problems just start to occur. The effects from gambling can be something little to something big. There are many harmful effects such as, debt, family issues, pathway to other crimes, endangering ones job, and most likely a high increase in alcohol and drug use. In a study conducted by the United States, 2. 5 million adults suffer from gambling addiction, where 15 million people are under the risk of getting this addiction.

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Many people who have this addiction go out and gamble their life savings, risking that they might lose it all. Bill money gets spent, and that when one starts to get in debt. Gambling also increase the issues in a household. Increase of child abuse, and neglect often occur. He or she might lose a 5,000 dollar bet and take the anger out on the children at home. Many gamblers stop caring about everyone around them, and only think about themselves. There are different stages to having the gambling addiction. The beginning s ones “winning” stage. One occasionally gambles, gets a big win, and then starts making higher bets. Next the “losing” phase hits. Some may lose time from work, start borrowing money from others, and start becoming in debt, because of that winning streak. Next the “desperation” phase. When one is in a panic from all the money lost, and the beginning of doing illegal crimes to get money will begin. Finally, the “hopelessness” phase hits. Now there is nothing left and suicidal thoughts run threw some people head.

The debt is too much to handle and they feel nothing they can do will get them in a stable environment. This is also when in a marriage a divorce might happen, and everyone that was once there, may not be there anymore. Gambling is a horrible addiction. This addiction may be treatable, as long as the person wants to be treated. Gambling effects a lot more than just one person. It affects everyone around. A winning streak may just be a fluke, taking way too far and ruin one’s life and many more. There can be many pros and cons to gambling, but in the end the cons takes over.

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