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Group week

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Cell phones are not only for personal use but they can come in handy for business purposes as well. There are many uses for cell phones in a business setting: internet, video calling testing and ability to use applications. With a cellular phone there really is no reason that you cannot be not accessible to your company. Many companies are now allowing cell phones in their businesses. But are there times that cell phones can be a hindrance for a many as well.

There is a lot of new technology on cell phones, but some believe that it can be more of a negative impact than a positive one. In a retail setting cell phones can lead to bad customer service or can impede on customers privacy if employees are using their camera features. Cellular phones can also lead to employees to be unproductive. Microbiological: Microbiological can be used as real time communication and to help the company keep up with any complaints or to see what is needed to improve in their company.

Microbiological is a way for people to tell about their day in random posts, this could help a company with networking. Microbiological is what people do when they are on Faceable or other Social networking sights. Microbiological is a shorter version of regular blobbing and can be used to promote business and have a more personal relationship with their customers. Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data instead of storing the information on a coal server or personal computer.

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Cloud computing is good for business and can help reduce the security costs because when you store things within the company, the company can control who sees the information. Cloud computing is also a very easy way for employees to find and share information. Webzines: Webzines are popular when communicating in the business world. In the past companies were dependent on them for group training. This can be used throughout the country to help encourage people to get their points across.

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