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The War to Save a Nation

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The War to Save a Nation Should we interfere in countries that are in civil war or in need of help, or should we as a nation be more concerned about our own issues on the other hand? There are many different viewpoints on whether we should be in Afghanistan or Iraq; both sides of the argument have valid points supported by facts and strong beliefs. l, for one, strongly believe that there should be a continued presence in those countries. I believe it is morally wrong to turn one's back and pretend nothing is happening.

The war in Afghanistan over the past 12 years has come at a great cost in means of oney and lives, although the benefits coming from this war are Justified in my eyes. In this paper I will go over how the lives being sacrificed have been for a cause that is improving the lives of Afghans, keeping our nation safe from terrorist attacks, why there is a need for Justice to be served, how the lives being lost are for a greater good, how the money being spent will lead to a better future for Afghanistan, how Democracy can be achieved, and how terrorism needs to be addressed as a regional issue.

For there to be a desirable and meaningful achievement of the goals that we ave placed on this war there is need for a continued presence in Afghanistan. Washington provided Afghanistan with 51. 8 billion dollars between 2001 and 2010, about 56% of this money was spent on equipping, training Afghan forces while the other portion was spent on humanitarian, economic, governance and counter- narcotic programs. Wahabuddin) With the money provided by the U. S. the Afghan population has greatly increased in these areas over the past decade, which is what we as a nation have been striving for so that we may bring this war to an end. The ives being sacrificed in this war with rising casualties has come at a great cost, but is leading to the Afghan nation to become a more stable country.

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The War to Save a Nation

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In the article "Justifying sacrifice: Barack Obama and the selling and ending of the war in Afghanistan" Trevor McCrisken goes on to say In order to 'sell' the renewed effort to bring the Afghanistan campaign to 'a successful conclusion', Obama has drawn heavily on the idea of 'sacrifice' by emphasizing in his rhetorical defence of the commitment of further US troops that the protection of the United States and its nterests against further terrorist attacks compels America to bear the burden of sacrifice that continuing the war entails. McCrisken 1) With that said the author shows that the war Afghanistan and the sacrifices made are necessary for us to bear to ensure our safety. Barack Obama used his Inaugural address to call all Americans and clarify the need for sacrifice and the reminder of the sacrifices made in the history of our nation, and the need for our nation to bear those sacrifices again in order to create a better life for our nation and the Afghan public (McCrisken 2) Our afety as a nation is not the only at risk and to ensure future safety for the Afghan public sacrifices need to be made.

With the ongoing war in Afghanistan the lives being lost on both sides are reaching heights that we as a nation never hoped for, but is needed to keep our country safe and to better the lives of Afghans and rebuild the country so that it may thrive. The number ot deaths ot Coalition torces and Atgnan civilians nas exceeded t justification of sacrifice, but when it is the terrorist groups that are responsible for the majority of civilian deaths. The Taliban need to answer for their crimes and be held accountable for their actions. Between 2007 and 2010 Taliban accounted for 5,570 civilian casualties in Afghanistan.

Oust War Index) The number of deaths caused by Taliban need to be answered, and the continued presence of a Coalition force is what is needed to exact Justice on those who prey on the weak. The average life expectancy in Afghanistan in 2004 was 42, and the more devastating fact was that 25% of children did not make it to the age of five (Costs of War) The fact that so many re dying at too early of an age because the ongoing war is a tragedy, but in order to reclaim Afghanistan there needs to be Justice served for those responsible.

The Taliban are accounting for countless deaths in Afghanistan, not only soldiers but also civilians and need to answer for their crimes against the Afghan nation. The benefits of an ongoing presence in Afghanistan and the sacrifices being made do not Justify the means. Over the years there have been many improvements to Afghans lives with that comes sacrifice, but to make a change sacrifices have to be ade.

In 2001, 8% of Afghans had access to some form of health-care, but has now risen to more than 80% (International Security Assistance Force 27) With this improvement shows that the lives being sacrificed have greatly improved the country Afghanistan and that there is better care and hope for Afghan. Between 2001 and 2008 the number of children attending school rose from 900,000 all the way up to 5 million, with a third of those students being girls and young women. Metzler 39) Over the past decade all the schools that have been built and the number of children ttending school these days show how much a impact we have made on the nation of Afghanistan in the means of an education which will improve the economy in Afghanistan. Even though there have been many lives lost due to this ongoing war in Afghanistan, the benefits for the population of Afghanistan have risen drastically from where the nation was before 2001.

The money being spent in Afghanistan is being used in a way that is greatly improving the lives of citizens in the country of Afghanistan, and is providing the nation with a brighter future to grow from. In 2008 Washington spent $3 billion dollars in total assistance for health, education and agriculture (Metzler 40) This money that has been put into Afghanistan shows that our Nation is using our tax dollars in a way that we can be proud of, and how important it is to be less concerned about how much is being spent but the greatly positive effect we are having on a nation that needs help.

In 2007 the Afghan National Army and ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) worked together and cleared the entire Ghazni Province of Taliban. On top of providing medical support to 2,300 citizens, uilt 10 new schools, gave out 260 tons of humanitarian aid and also one million dollars committed towards additional development. (Afghanistan 33) The money put into Afghanistan and which is being spent on this war, are benefiting the people of Afghanistan in such a way that it is greatly improving the lives of the civilians in country.

Democracy can be achieved in Afghanistan to provide the nation stability by creating political competition and providing accountability to the Afghan citizens, which will in turn get the Atgnan nation to strive to improve their country and esire for a better future. "If the National Assembly is not seen to be achieving anything, citizens are likely to lose faith in democratization as a whole, allowing old powerbrokers to reassert themselves outside constitutional structures. (International Crisis Group 96) With this said it shows how the Afghan nation needs to strive and have a hand in the future that is being built around themselves, rather than sitting on the sidelines watching their country change before their eyes. The younger generations of Afghans are watching their country and government being built efore them, but do not have a part in what is happening and feel left out of the political decision process in their country. Sultanzoy 100) The author explains how the younger generation need to be able to have a hand in how their nation is being built, and the need for a Democracy so that their voices can be heard. The progress and push to create a Democratic society in Afghanistan is possible, and the work being accomplished is leading to free and fair elections which would lead to a better life for all Afghan citizens and generations to come. The war in Afghanistan needs to be addressed as a regional issue to improve the economic growth of the country of Afghanistan.

From that point, there will be more opportunities for young Afghans to have a better future rather than having the few choices they have now. "Desperation and poverty are the tools used by evil forces to raise their terrorist cadres. But that environment will not change if political will is lacking, and if there is no action by the US and the governments of the region to get our economies to create Jobs that offer hope. " (Karzai 228) Hamid Karzai the President of Afghanistan shows in this quote that the need for Afghanistan needs to have a focus on the political and economic aspects in order to make a change and a better future.

The Economy has continued to grow at rates between 12-14 percent per year which is the highest in South Asia. (Metzler 40) This is what the effects of the continued presence and aid of our government has shown for in Afghanistan, and how the regional issue is being addressed in a way that shows that there can be a bright future for Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan these days is being addressed n a more regional note rather than the way it was in the earlier parts of the war.

Afghanistan's economy has been rising steadily due to the support coming from the U. S. and Coalition Forces. There are many different viewpoints on whether we should be in Afghanistan or Iraq; both sides of the argument have valid points supported by facts. l, for one, strongly believe that there should be a continued presence in these countries. I believe it is morally wrong to turn one's back and pretend nothing is happening. There is the possibility to provide a better future for Afghanistan.

The lives being acrificed have been for a cause that is improving the lives of Afghans, keeping our nation safe from terrorist attacks, Justice is needed to be served, the lives being lost are for a greater good, the money being spent will lead to a better future for Afghanistan, Democracy can be achieved and terrorism needs to be addressed as a regional issue. This ongoing war with all the rises and decline over the years has brought Afghanistan to the point where it is at now. The war is not over and needs to be continued so that we may improve this world that we live in, one country at a time.

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