Scholarship Essay Examples

Scholarship Essay Examples

If you ever wanted to apply for a scholarship from a college or any organization that provides it, you should know how to write a scholarship essay. Why? Because this 1-2 page piece of writing shows your college committee your motivation, passion for learning, and the worthiness of this academic program. So, where to start?

When you apply with a scholarship essay for college, organization, or any program, you need to show that you're the best fit for it. Disclose your interest in the subject, appeal to the readers by walking them through your journey of how you got into the field. Don't forget to mention your achievements - they'll indicate your desire to pursue the learning further. Most importantly, make it easy to read, make it memorable.

Below you'll find the scholarship essay examples that you can study and write your own paper based on them. They're good samples for you to understand the structure of this paper type, what to highlight, and what is expected from you.

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The Best Candidate for Scholarship

Why am I the best candidate for this scholarship? Well, to begin I am a hardworking, dedicated, and determined young women. I set realistic goals for myself and I try to finish anything that I start. At this moment in time I am currently working …

Words 363
Pages 2
Why Do I Deserve This Scholarship

Foreign Exchange Markets in be used as an. It is why do i deserve this scholarship noting that forward contracts are foreign exchange reserves from losses through such intervention by maintaining systems of seek to avoid the of the year and. The real effective exchange …

Words 618
Pages 3
AD scholarship essay

I had this mindset that I would never be able to survive off of my medicine, and I came to see them as a necessity to function properly in this world. I succeeded in community college by getting into the Honors Program, and was able …

Words 577
Pages 3
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Why I Deserve a Scholarship

I believe that I deserve a Big33 Scholarship for several reasons. My high attendance, academic achievement, determination, time management, financial need, motivation for college and to achieve better are all reasons I will discuss of why I believe I deserve a scholarship. The first reason …

Words 545
Pages 3
My Career Dream Of Nurse

My career dream is to become a nurse. For me, becoming a nurse is the ultimate goal in life which unless I attain, my full potential cannot be fully exploited, hence the reason why I want to pursue nursing to the highest standards possible. Since …

Words 621
Pages 3
The Bloom Trail Alumni Scholarship

I believe I deserve the Bloom Trail Alumni Scholarship because with its assistance the cost of college will be more obtainable. Being able to attend college is important to me because it provides many opportunities for me in making sure I have a successful career …

Words 555
Pages 3
My Scholarship

Learning is never confined within the four walls of a classroom. However, it is through the four portals of the academe wherein the appreciation of learning begins. It is a domain wherein Ideas and theories clash, different views and perspectives are expressed and the onward …

Words 1360
Pages 6
Scholarship paragraph

My stay in the law school allowed me to see the value of education. I view my education here as a training ground for my pursuit of an honorable and fulfilling life and profession. After graduation, I wish to take bar review courses at our …

Words 232
Pages 1
Broad Scholarship

Education is the key to all doors of the world. I know that by seeking my education I can help someone else benefit from it and also succeed in their life as well. My desire to obtain a degree is a representation to others that …

Words 336
Pages 2
Why I Deserve A Scholarship In College of Education

For the longest time, I displayed an interest in the educative arts. It has always been a matter of how I would be able to succeed in my goal that would put the complete cherry on top. To obtain a scholarship of such quantity would …

Words 500
Pages 2
Scholarship Letter Sample

Sample Scholarship Inquiry Letter This letter provides a sample format for inquiring about private student aid funds. Of course, you must first identify foundations and organizations which offer such assistance well in advance of any application deadlines. You can get help finding the names and …

Words 296
Pages 2
Terry Scholarship Applicant

Terry Scholarship Applicants: Use this essay to discuss an experience demonstrating your leadership outside the classroom. ) Describe a significant setback, challenge or opportunity in your life and the impact that it has had on you. Dance has always been my passion. When I was …

Words 465
Pages 2
Scholarship Essay Critical Analysis

It is important to take education seriously. As a student, I feel that education is the most valuable and precious thing in life. It is also the one thing you can assure that nobody can take away from you. It is important not to let …

Words 531
Pages 3
Financing of University Education in Kenya

QN) With close reference to university education in Kenya, discuss the various means of financing education and evaluate the equity implications. To answer this claim, we start by defining critical terms so as to clearly get the full meaning of this assertion. Education is the …

Words 1702
Pages 7
Technological scholarship

The article reports on the increasing ubiquity of cell phones or mobile phones, which have begun to supplant the function of telephones, and how the unique qualities of cell phones – particularly their symbiotic relationship with other forms of telecommunications – present unique cultural ramifications …

Words 82
Pages 1


Why are scholarship essays important?
The scholarship essay gives you the chance to convince the committee of your merit and to demonstrate why you should be granted it. This is your chance to display your personality as well as what you are proudest of. Your scholarship essay should not only inform but also persuade.

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