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I believe I deserve the Bloom Trail Alumni Scholarship because with its assistance the cost of college will be more obtainable. Being able to attend college is important to me because it provides many opportunities for me in making sure I have a successful career and future. By attending college, I will be able broaden my horizon and grown not only as an individual, but more importantly I will be able to grow academically. This fall I will be attending Northern Illinois where I plan to receive my English degree along with my teacher’s certificate. With a teacher’s certificate I want to return to a school similar to Bloom Trail.

During my experience here at Bloom Trail I have encountered many opportunities that have shaped these decisions. The diversity here has caused me to look at everything with more of a patient, open approach so I can understand the different personalities I come across. I also have met many teachers along my journey who have affected my decision to further my education in becoming a teacher at a similar school. Even though they probably could have found a job at a better school, they still decided to teach at a school where students need a little more work and someone who has a love for sharing their knowledge and wants to see students succeed.

These are the kind of teachers who have pushed me to excel academically instead of just settling for the easy way out. Not only did they push me to do my best educationally, but to also break out of my “shell” that was holding me back from being someone who could one day make a difference in someone else’s life. Along with these skills, there have been several times I had a lot of pressure on me to meet a certain deadline all while managing the other aspects of my life. These situations have helped me to be a more disciplined and organized individual.

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With all the chaos of juggling two jobs, a social life, and school going on I’ve still been able to remain a reliable person. My teachers, friends, family, and employers can still count on me to be there when needed and meet my deadlines. So with my skills and experiences I believe I have what it takes to make a good teacher. School is a major aspect in children’s live by helping them shape and mold themselves into for whatever the future has in store for them. I would love to one day be able to say I could do that for someone, and being a teacher would make that possible.

Being able to just reach out and touch the life of one child would mean a great deal to me, and with the assistance of your scholarship I will be able to do just that. I will be able to start the next chapter in my life where I look forward to conquering all the obstacles I come across on my journey to one day being able to give back to the community and students just like you have done for me. So I greatly appreciate the opportunity of being considered for this honor and I hope you will be able to make my dreams possible by awarding me your scholarship.

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