Desire To Expand Their Knowledge in Political Science And Related Fields

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Last Updated: 11 Feb 2023
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I am beholden for providing me this fortuity and it is with ample contentment and genuine gratification I incite this statement of purpose. I strongly believe in the adage “There is no substitute for hard work” which has been and will be my precept in all aspects of life including my academic and professional career. Winning of this scholarship will be an ideal step for my aspiration to augment my knowledge in political science and affiliated fields. I contemplate pursuing my second semester at your university which I believe will be a robust substratum for a successful and confronting career as a research professional at a preeminent university lavish with magnificent research facilities and academic enterprise.

Throughout my life, I have been driven by the desire to create and innovate, a capability that is always known to transcend the active acquisition of knowledge. In this era of globalization, I decided not to just get enthralled by the technological marvels, but to play my part in them. In view of such a global scenario, my decision of being a student at this University would open the gateway to enhanced career options leading to a top position in the political realm. The path, to realizing the dream of being a part of the globalized world, will no doubt be tough, but full of challenges, which I am willing to accept. This passion of mine evoked me towards taking political courses at the University of Marburg which ranked among the 300 best Universities in the world.

I have worked on myself by taking courses that are relevant to the political field such as the acquisition of negotiation skills. I have a perceptible command over these courses. In order to achieve my lifetime goal as a researcher which gets consummated through taking up research in leading strings affiliated with Politics, I have aimed at higher studies. The university in Germany has long been established as fortitude for scientific and technological advancement and a wide range of research activities which ultimately induce immigrants from all over the world to make Germany their research home. The University of Marburg is one such university that has ample resources for research in my fields of interest; I choose to apply to your University.

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I am determined to take the amenability of my education on my own, so request you for the appropriate assistantship thereupon render an opportunity to prove my ardor and at the sometimes promote my academic interest. The opportunity to pursue my studies there not only plays a vital role in nurturing my academic career and knowledge but also promotes my overall personality development. I finally conclude with an assurance that it would be a great privilege for me to be part of your university and would be looking forward to that great moment.

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