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Education is the key to all doors of the world. I know that by seeking my education I can help someone else benefit from it and also succeed in their life as well. My desire to obtain a degree is a representation to others that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. As a person who appreciates the opportunity to educate myself on all topics, not just one, I can never take that for granted.

Many people who don’t have an education or those who cannot achieve it because of poverty or fear, I can be an inspiration to them, letting them know that receiving your education is not only about hard work and dedication, but that its fun and exciting at the same time. I can give the wisdom of knowing that nothing compares to learning something new and experiencing that knowledge first hand in the world.

I tell the kids who I work along-side with everyday that going to school is fun. They see me going to school every day. I share stories of the high school lifestyle to them all the time. They know that by going to college you can be whatever you want and how you want to be presented to the world. You’re your own boss and they listen. They not only see the benefits from having education, but they know how having an education can lead to newer heights in their lives and also for their families lives.

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I believe by me getting my education, I can keep that hope among our younger generation for all eternality, one that will never perish, but only live with a smile of gratitude and appreciation for the word education. The dream of receiving an education will expand through their eyes and mine, bringing new dimension and understanding of education to the world as a whole for all people. This is why my degree is so important to me, for the better of our children’s children children.

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