Democrat vs. Republican

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Democrat vs. Republican The Democratic and Republican parties remain important organizing structures for politics in the United States. Both Democratic and Republican also write party platforms, setting out the party’s goals and policy positions. A party’s platform is not binding on its nominees, platform planks are largely symbolic, and the often provide heated arguments and provide distinct differences between the parties to present to voters.

The Democratic platform is that if America is to secure prosperity, progress, peace, and security for all we cannot afford to go back, we must move forward together and we must not leave anyone behind. The Republican Platform is uplifting and visionary. The Democratic Party traces its origins back to Thomas Jefferson’s Democratic- Republican Party, acquiring its current name under Andrew Jackson in 1828. It also pressed the state to choose presidential electors by popular vote rather than by state legislatures.

The Republican Party traces its origins to the anti-slavery and national forces that united in the 1850s and nominated Abraham Lincoln for president in 1860. The Difference between the Republican Party and Democratic Party is like the sun and moon. (It comes up and it goes down). According to the text book, “The Republican Party believes the federal government should be small and ruled by the wealthy elite” (p. 476 – 504), and secondly according to the website on who do you believe, “the republican party believe that that your property is yours and you have the basic right to make use of it without unreasonable government restrictions”.

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While on the other hand, “the Democratic Party believes the federal government should be big and ruled by elected representatives” (p. 494). The type of government they desire is the type our constitution gives us, a Republic, and the methods they are using to achieve their goals are conservative, and secondly the Democratic Party believe that the government has the right to regulate the use of private property in accordance with narrow special interests without giving just compensation to owners. The two platforms are also starkly different on the abortion issue.

The Republican Platform states that "the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed. " And for the Democratic Party platforms states that "a woman's right to choose to abort the child”. The similarities between Democratic and Republican party, I believe that both parties has been representing the interest of liberals and that is a shame because liberals ideals promote freedom, human rights, worker's rights, a clean environment, and greater economic opportunities for all Americans. And both parties are led by people who vote for their own raises.

Even some of their idea sometimes may seem wrong, but they do what is best for their people. Sources Difference between Democratic and Republican. Who do you believe? Access on September 9, 2010. <http://markshannon. com/republicandemocrat. htm> Lowi Theodore J. , Ginsberg Benjamin, and Shepsle Kenneth A. American Government: Power and Purpose. 10th ed. W. W. Norton and Company New York, 2008. Lowi Theodore J. , Ginsberg Benjamin, and Shepsle Kenneth A. American Government: Power and Purpose. 10th ed. W. W. Norton and Company Inc. New York, 2008. Page 476-504

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