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Republican Foundations

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This national bank would take the nation out of debt from the war. The bank would additionally provide loans for businessmen and to provide a place to deposit federal funds.

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Republican Foundations

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. Hamilton additionally believed that the United States should have a protective tariff to aid manufactures. Jefferson on the other hand, opposed Hamilton's idea of creating a national bank. He additionally didn't believe that the United States should have a protective tariff to aid anufactures.

He preferred a society with some industrial alternative to agriculture. Jefferson believed that all of the national debt should be paid off quickly because it will be harmful to society. Socially, Hamilton believed that the wealthy people should run the society. A variety of taxes, like the taxes on whiskey harmed the lower and middle class the most. However, Hamilton supported the upper class. Hamilton believed that only the wealthy should be qualified to vote because they were smarter than the lower and middle classes.

Merchants, bankers, manufactures, and wealthy farmers were considered Hamiltonians. Jefferson once more, opposed Hamilton's suggestions. Jefferson supported the lower and middle classes. He believed that the "common" people (lower and middle classes) were capable of running the government. He believed that the lower and middle classes were qualified to vote too. Artisans, shopkeepers, frontier settlers, and owners of small towns were considered Jeffersonian. Politically, Hamilton believed that the British aristocracy should be a model for the

American Government. He clearly believed in a strong central government. He wanted a broad interpretation of the constitution to strengthen the central government at the expenses of the state rights. Hamiltonians favored restrictions of speech and the press. They believed that America should closely associate itself with Britain and break the bonds with France. Jefferson believed in a more democratic government compared to Britain's. He wanted to reduce the number of federal office holders and he favored freedom of the press and speech.

Jefferson also had a broad interpretation of the constitution but many times, it was only to favor himself or the situation. He was suspicious of the central government because of probable tyrannical overpowering like England and wanted to increase state rights. Revolutionary War period of the United States. The opposing views point of the Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Economically, Hamilton believed in creating a national bank to pay off the nations debt, while Jefferson believed that the debt would be harmful to the society and should be paid off quickly.

Socially, Hamilton believed the upper class should run things and only be able to vote, but Jefferson believed that the common people should be able to have a say in the government and also be able to vote. Politically, Hamilton believed that the government should be similar to Britain's government while Jefferson didn't believe in a strong central government, but a more democratic one

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