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The American and Nepalese culture have some similarities but many differences. The American culture is a Western and a diverse culture; whereas, the Nepalese culture is Eastern and less diverse. There is a public education system for everyone in the American culture, and the literacy rate is high. In Nepal, there is a public education system also but the literacy rate is low. There is more freedom for people in American culture; on the other hand, in Nepalese culture, there is less freedom and more rules. One of the other differences that can be seen between American and Nepalese culture is in family relations.

The behavior of the people is very different between this tow cultures. Many different racial groups form the American culture. The major ethnic groups in the United States are Europeans, Hipics, African/Americans, Asians and Pacific Islanders, and many other minor ethnic groups. The distinct groups in the United States have different religions. The major religions in the United States are Catholicism, Protestantism and Judaism. Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism are also minor religions in the United States.

English is the main language in the United States but also Spanish and other languages are spoken in different cities. In the Southern part of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, the majority of people are Spanish speaking. In Nepalese culture, there is little ethnic diversity and the ethnics groups are not from other countries. The major groups are the Sherpa, the largest group, who lives in the northern, mountainous part of the country; the Gurung, who live in the central part of Nepal, and the Adabasi, who live in the southern part of the country.

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These people are born in Nepal and are not from other countries like the American ethnic groups. There are a few Muslims and Christians, but the major religions are Hinduism and Buddhism. Nepali is the major language in Nepal. In government offices, private offices and in school, they use the Nepali language; whereas, in cities and towns, the different ethnic groups speak their own dialects. The Nepalese school system is based on tradition and religion in the rural areas and in the urban areas, there is a modern education system.

Parents can choose any public school, they like for their children; there is no restriction on children having gone to school in the town or village where they live. In America, students have to go to the school in the town in which they live. In the American culture, people are individual oriented and individual value is greater than family value. People believe in their work, and they do the hard work. The American people plan things ahead, and they become successes in their future. The American people are independence, and they make their own decisions.

Americans follow the time and its value. In Nepalese culture, people are family-oriented and the family value is greater than the individual value. The Nepalese people believe in god, and they wait for the people who can do their work. The Nepalese people do not plan any things and do their work, and they become unsuccessful in their future. In Nepalese culture, people depend on other, and they cannot make their own decision. The elder's person in the makes the decision, and other family's member follow that decision. In Nepalese culture, people cannot follow the time, and they are lazy.

The American people follow a law and order. They behave friendly to each other, even if they are unknown. The American are polite and helpful. The American people wait for the turn and follow the advice, given by other. The Nepalese people do not follow the law and order. The rich people dominate the miserable people and there is a slavery system in Nepal. The poor people live in the house of rich, and do their work for nothing. Nepalese do not behave friendly to each other. Nepalese people do not wait for the turn instead and crowed in the same place fighting each other.

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