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Right from childhood, I was fond of mathematics and how it had the ability to convey a lot of information with so little illustrations. This, together with my consistent good performance in mathematics throughout high school, was responsible for the nurturing of a special interest in it. This childhood zeal in the subject gradually crystallized into a more mature form as I stepped into higher studies.

The most significant influence on my life has been my parents. They have encouraged me to learn more always, therefore, instilling in me an urge to know beyond what is evident and a drive to study more than what was demanded by my high school teachers. These habits not only helped me greatly in my academic pursuits by increasing my hunger for knowledge but ensured that I was amongst the best in all my classes. What can be more interesting and fascinating than the structure of the world around us?

I asked myself this question when I was deciding which course to pursue in my undergraduate studies. I knew two things at the time; the first was that the world can be thought of as a vault of data and secondly, that mathematical statistics is basically the science of extracting and interpreting the most fundamental knowledge from data obtained. With this mindset, I knew that statistics was the tool I needed to channel my mathematics interests and skills into the workings of nature.

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These ideas appealed to me and are the primary reason why I decided to choose mathematics major with statistics concentration at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana, and unsurprisingly, graduated with a first class honors degree. The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology offers training in mathematics and statistics whose standard is comparable with the best in the world. My days in this institute were an unforgettable experience. Students were to take an average of six courses each semester.

To successfully complete a coursework, one had to pass class work and presentations, mid semester and an end of semester exam based on each course. I had full semester in-depth training in several mathematical, probability and statistical courses; notably amongst them are regression analysis, time series analysis, sample survey theory and stochastic processes. These courses gave me an insight into applied statistics through the practical problem based projects I undertook during my classes.

I realized my passion for statistics when I performed exceptionally in each of these courses. I had to be methodical and diligent in my studies to be able to excel consistently. In view of this, I learnt the ability to think in an organized and efficient manner, became a fast learner and gained confidence to live up to the requirements of any coursework. Side by side with these courses, I received highly rigorous training in calculus and algebra, through a three semester calculus sequence and two semesters training in linear and abstract algebra.

Moreover, my exposure to the world of computers at an early age gave me the opportunity to develop a considerable degree of familiarity with computers over the years. My self-study on the C programing language basics made it relatively easier for me to grasp the advanced concepts of computer languages and programing during my undergraduate studies. I have officially had a semester of training and fairly proficient in each of the following courses; Visual Basic for Applications, Microsoft Excel, MATLAB, HTML. It has always been a childhood dream to become a research scientist.

This amateurish pursuit became an actual ambition during my undergraduate studies and has motivated me to further my education. My desire to study studies in Statistics at a graduate level further arose during an internship at the Ghana Chamber of Commerce. While working as an intern, I was fascinated with the enormous interaction of computers and statistics and also had ample opportunity to analyze different types of data sets. This helped me realize the decision making attributes that came with statistics.

It also gave me a firsthand glimpse into applying statistics in industry and provided me with an opportunity to study in detail the possible consequences of using various time-series models. It has been my experience that some problems cannot be solved merely by using standard Statistical tools. The motivating factor behind my decision to undertake graduate study is to equip myself with the necessary tools to address such problems, build a strong foundation to pursue a scientific research career in Statistics and eventually contribute to this branch of knowledge.

The Master of Science degree program in Applied Statistics at the Wright State University appeals to the way it provides its students with a strong grounding in statistical techniques used for practical analysis of data. Furthermore, my choice was also influenced by the benefits and assistance that the statistical consulting center gives to Wright State students when they choose to use them. In spite of this, I feel that the department offers a good environment to carry on research and thus, the Wright State University is the place much better suited to my objective.

Moreover, I was inspired by the vastness of research those professors in this department undertake, and want to be a part of such an environment. With the kind of in-depth training in theoretical statistics, probability theory and mathematics that I have received, I am confident to live up to the graduate courses and research works in your department. I look forward to contribute to the enrichment and the subject at your institution. Thank you for considering my application and I hope to be a part of your department. (FELIX ESSUMAN-NELSON)

Sample Statement of Purpose

I introduce myself as a student of the undergraduate program in Computer Science and Engineering at CVR College of Engineering affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (Hyderabad). I use this opportunity to elucidate my career objectives and give in quintessence of my educational background. My Educational Background and academic achievements: Since my school days, I have been interested in Mathematics and physical sciences. My scholastic record has been meritorious right through school and higher secondary education.

With my propensity towards Mathematics and physics, I chose Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry as my group for post-secondary education. I was placed in the top 3% of nearly 200,000 enthusiastic students in the entrance examination for Engineering. This performance helped me in getting admission in to CVR College of Engineering, one of the top institutions for engineering in Andhra Pradesh, India. My fascination for engineering was from an early stage though not a conscious one. There have been doers because there have been dreamers, in our dreams we see not what is, but what can be.

It is with such dreams and visions that today we stand at the milestone of success. The sweeping changes in the Technological world and Computers have made the role of computer science engineer a really indispensable one. It has been my deepest desire to be a part of this rapidly burgeoning community. My strong penchant towards programming languages like C which was taught in our high school and also the versatility of the Computers and my basic interest in the field of programming motivated me to take Computer Science and Engineering as my major in undergraduate program.

My years as an undergraduate student have influenced me the most. Academically I have matured a lot during this period. It was here that I understood the need to put theory into practice and most importantly to innovate in face of immense hurdles. During the course of study, my encounters with Software engineering, Software testing methodologies and Software Project Management have been extremely enlightening. The joy of learning these subjects under excellent professors is unsurpassable.

My inclination towards graduate studies gained foot during my second year of under graduation, during which many of the people told me about the opportunities we have by doing masters and the research programs offered by the universities. Why to Pursue M. S.? Excellence in any sphere of life can be achieved through determination, hard work, perseverance and dedication. Yet, lack of in-depth knowledge of the subject leaves the conceptual skills incomplete. The nature of undergraduate courses does not offer scope for individual expression and rapidly advancing technology necessitates mastery of particular area.

It is in this contest I would like to pursue a course that not only supplements the knowledge that I possess but also provides a strong foundation to my research oriented study. In my graduate program my goal is to expand my mental horizons, detailed understanding of latest tools and technologies adopted by engineering, with the time. I also want to learn technical, managerial as well as behavioral aspects of the field to work in higher positions. I strongly feel that master’s program will inculcate a strong quality assurance and testing component in my knowledge, so as to raise the level of excellence in my work.

I came to know that an academic experience is must-to-have component for growth in global field of software engineering, as well as to make a mark in professional career. From use of sophisticated tools to advanced theories, MS teaches me all that I need to know to enhance my academic experience and qualification. Why Software Engineering? In my undergraduate studies, I have benefited from the breadth of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University’s syllabi content that has given me a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Computer Science and a strong conceptual understanding of the same.

In these three and half years of study, I have strived to maintain an approach of expending independent effort in all my endeavors. Learning by myself and sharing my knowledge with others has been most worthwhile, when comprehending a concept. My interest in Software Engineering arouse when I was in my second year of under graduation. I believe that Software Engineering is the application of disciplined, systematic approach to the operation, development and maintenance of software.

The discipline of software engineering that increased my interest towards this field is it covers tools, knowledge and methods to define software requirements and to perform computer programming, software design, user interface design, software maintenance tasks and software testing . As Software engineering encompasses the knowledge from different fields like computer engineering, computer science, mathematics, testing methodologies, quality management, project management etc I came to a conclusion that career in software engineering can be very rewarding as there is demand for software engineers across the industries. Why your University?

The selection of the right university by the candidate is as important as the selection of the right candidate by the university. Having to choose a university that is suitable to my ambition is a major decision, one which can’t be taken in haste. To achieve my objectives, I feel that the choice of University is of critical importance. Information from faculty here at the college, my seniors and perusal of the University web-site, I have inferred that your University provides excellent research activities and balanced academic program which is conducive to my study. I feel that I can realize my aspirations that I have nurtured along.

As a part of your family of students, I have to imbibe the best of what you offer, extend the breadth of knowledge. In conclusion, I hope that I will be given chance to realize my objectives by granting admission in your esteemed and distinguished University. I am confident that with my academic standards and strong motivation, zeal, positive attitude and with the aid of your graduate program, I will be able to make a significant contribution to the research endeavors at the University. I take this opportunity to request for suitable financial assistance from the department and college.

Essay on Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose My father was always an inspiration right from my childhood with his strong work ethic, never-give-up attitude, and strong self-belief. He was a risk-taker, and had no financial support when he ventured into the Edible Oil Manufacturing and Trading Business. This had left an ever-lasting impression on me and it has now become my ambition to be a great entrepreneur like my father. To fulfill my ambition, I am keen to pursue a Master’s degree in business management. My other inspiration was my college dean Dr.

Prof Col A Balasubramanian. He always cited "problems are opportunities". If things go wrong, he had asked me to break the problem down into small manageable portions, and taking on each sub problem one at a time. Because of this I believe that there is no problem insurmountable and no goal out of reach. After my high school I interned in my father's company. During those 12 months I had learnt a great deal about administration and also got a first hand experience on the workings of a manufacturing start-up.

I pursued Bachelor of Business Administration because I wanted to bring more depth to the technologies on offer. This gave me ample opportunity to imbibe knowledge in proper management. This was the main reason behind my pursuit of management education, which will provide me with the skills necessary to help my business expand, thrive, and remain viable in the future. During the first year of my undergraduate programme, I undertook an internship in Mather ; Platt Pumps Ltd. , where I picked up knowledge on inbound marketing, market segmentation and market trend.

I got an insight into the market scenario to various key issues. In my second year, I was made the placement team coordinator, a position that gave me the opportunity to enhance my leadership skills. Working as a team fuelled my creativity leading to better results. In the same year, I had the chance to attend NHRD conference in New Delhi, where I had the privilege to meet various notable persons in the corporate world like Kapil Sibal (Union Minister for HRD, Govt. of India), Mukesh Ambani (Chairman and MD, Reliance industries), Adi

Godrej (Chairman, Godrej Industries), Chanda Kochhar (CEO and MD, ICICI Bank), Baskar Chatterjee (Indian Administrative Service), Vanita Ball (MD, Britannia Industries) from whom I gathered information on International Budgeting, Market and Corporate Valuation and foreign exchange matters. That experience left a lasting impression on me. I wanted to broaden my horizon on an international level. In my final year I was selected to do the project at Tata Motor as it has an outstanding infrastructure and stimulating world-class research environment.

I was made responsible for the Human Resource section. I feel HR is vital as it is an integral part of organisation management. A good HR professional can build measurable strategies to address turnover, low morale and underperforming employees. I was placed in the Man Power Development Center, where I worked for three months. My good performance earned me laurels from the General Manager for HR. Subsequently I was handed over the responsibility of another critical project for the senior managers in manufacturing department on Corporate Training Needs.

After my studies, I engaged myself as Marketing Manager in my father's company. I was at the helm of overlooking all the cost of advertising, research, developing strategies and analysing financial statements. Though I possess industry-gathered skills in management, I feel the need to build on advancing cutting edge technologies in this domain in order to create a niche for myself. Therefore I must return to the academic world for further growth. Thus, my goal is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) wherein I could advance analytical approaches to management studies.

I am familiar with the increasing importance of the markets of my country, and I am thoroughly prepared for the demands and challenges the industry poses. An MBA programme from a renowned school like yours would equip me well to understand the intricacies of business at the global level. I am aware that the universities in United States offer a great scope for intellectual and academic development. It is for the reason; I am applying for a Masters degree in your distinguished university. Your MBA programme, I believe, will guide me through understanding the theories of business and implement them in a real world scenario.

Based on the extensive research that I carried out on knowing about the course, I came to know that your university focuses on the key elements that are required for a business administration. Discussing about the various other prospects of the college, wherein the source being forums and message boards, I came to the conclusion that your university’s curriculum would act as a bridge between my undergraduate course and the postgraduate course which would help me adapt to a new environment.

Moreover, it would provide unparalleled business skills and highlight my strengths and achievements for my post MBA professional growth. Your school’s pioneering programme would surely give a jump start to my career after completing my MBA and help me contribute my bit to the industry and the society at large. My experiences have helped me in becoming a person, who is ready to take on the world, to lead and to participate in the global revolution. I am therefore confident in my ability to adapt to your environment and join your MBA programme.

Statement of Purpose Narrative Essay

Statement of Purpose My interest in applied science dates back to my school days. I had a strong fascination and admiration towards how electronic gadgets work. Building science models & electronic circuits which initially began as a hobby to me during my schooling days, soon became a passion over the years. One of my model, named “Proto-Computer”, a working model of a binary to digital converter was exhibited at “National Science Day Competition” conducted by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). It was well appreciated for its simplicity and innovation

My appetite to learn & understand the principles behind the working of electronics devices & in particular communication systems grew stronger through the years. Going forward, Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in ECE was a natural choice for me. I chose to do it from Y. D. Institute of Technology, Bangalore affiliated to Visveswaraiah Technological University, Belgaum. Courses like Digital Communication, Microprocessors, Signals & Systems, Computer Communication Networks and Mobile Communication were my firm favorites.

I did my pre-final year project-work at Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE), a premier R&D institute under the Ministry of Defense. Here I was exposed to some of the highly sophisticated communication & surveillance systems. The experience of working in such world-class research environment with some of the best minds dedicated to engineering research, not only helped me hone my analytical & reasoning skills, but also emphasized on going deeper beyond the fundamentals so as to achieve greater intellectual satisfaction.

Going further, I did an internship at Encore Software Ltd, Bangalore. It was on the “Implementation of MEdia GAteway COntroller (MEGACO) / H. 248 protocol. ” I attempted to develop a parser application for this protocol. My implementation was based on the thorough analysis of Protocol Standards, Request for Comments (RFCs), white-papers and other such technical literature. I encountered several challenges during the project tenure. But with constant hard work, guidance from my mentors, self belief, focus and faith in my efforts, I could accomplish the project with desired results.

This tangible achievement motivated me to explore and enhance my understanding about various other technologies & trends that are prevailing in the industry. Hence, after my BE, I made this conscious decision to work before I continued my studies further. As I had a strong academic record all through, finding the right job in my area of interest was not too much of a problem. From all the options that I had, I decided to start my career at Tech Mahindra R&D Services Ltd, Bangalore, which is one of the Top 5 telecom software exporters in India.

Tech Mahindra is primarily involved in providing solutions & services to Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEM) and to Telecom Service Provider (TSP). Here, I got an opportunity to work on live network elements, one being the Mobile Switching Centre (MSC), which forms an integral part of a mobile core network. I was involved in the feature development of “Customized Ring Back Tones” popularly called as caller tunes for one of the leading TSPs in USA.

After having worked in a service-oriented organization for more than 2 years, I switched on to Nokia-Siemens Networks (NSN). NSN is ranked among the top 3 telecom players globally & offers a complete portfolio of mobile and fixed network solutions. Here, I am currently involved in the prototyping of a next generation Radio Network Controller (RNC). An RNC is based on Universal Mobile Telecommunication Services (UMTS) 3G Architecture and is a vital mobile access network component.

This RNC is capable of controlling a staggering 2800 base stations, 4800 cells & more than 100,000 subscribers. Now, with over 3 years of work experience, I have grown to admire the role of communication systems, mobile networks in particular, in empowering end-users. Though I was not directly involved in the design of such high-end mobile network elements, through avid reading & discussions with some of the architects & designers of these products, I cannot help, but feel excited about the immense potential for new research in this area.

I possess industry-hardened skills in communication networks on which I must build to achieve my goal of undertaking cutting-edge research in communication networks. I therefore believe that I must return to the academic world for further growth. I am a firm believer that, a graduate study is an invaluable asset that enables one to carve a niche for himself in his/her domain of interest. The Department of Electrical at University of xxxx not only provides one of the best academic programs, but offers a specialization in communication engineering, which I look forward to pursue.

I am sure that the stimulating academic environment and interaction with the distinguished faculty will prove immensely fruitful and facilitate my development as a thorough professional in my area of specialization. This has strengthened my resolve to study at University of xxxx The essence of university education lies in the success of the symbiotic relationship between the student and his department. I bring along a strong grasp of fundamentals in Electronics and Communication, an aptitude for team work, a zest for challenges and an enthusiastic desire to learn all that I can.

I feel that University of xxxx has a lot to offer me, and at the same time, I am confident that I would be able to make my bit of meaningful contribution to the on-going research work at University of xxxxx. I would like to take with me, in addition to the knowledge I acquire, a network of strong and lasting relationships with my teachers and fellow-students. I hope that my background and qualifications are found suitable for the M. S program at University of xxxxx Student Name

Statement of Purpose - MHA

My country India, world’s largest democracy and home to over a billion fellow country men, has a very low Doctor to patient ratio and even lower Dentist to patient ratio. This led me to take my graduation in Dentistry. My days in Dental School often made me think about management of available resourses which involved simple insurence policies, hygienic practices than treating the diseases with an ensuing dramatic increase in the cost of such treatment that the people of my country can not afford. Healthcare administration in India is not covering even half the population let alone advanced medical aid.

There might be great technological strides in the field of healthcare administration but the number of people benefited is only a select few. I was exposed to certain ground realities, like there are limited doctors and infrastructure which does not function to their optimum capacity and efficiency due to lack of proper management of limited resources. In my internship program I have seen many patients who were unable to get proper treatment due to lack of available human resourses and reimbursement. In my counrty there is no proper facility of maintaining patient records, online data storage and access of every patient health record.

Even people do not have a clear cut idea of How to use insurance policies and reimbursement programmes. I was already doubting my future as a career dentist because my apparent inability to help large number of people In fact right from my under graduation Health care Administration is the primary interest of all my choices. In my under graduation I am very intuitive about management of human resources in the health care system, ethical and legal perspectives on malpractice,medical records, confidentially and required disclosures,reimbursement procedures, governmental regulation and legal restraints.

All this factors guided me towads the MS in Helath care administration. In the present day environment, a sound understanding of fundamentals and expertise in a chosen field of interest is essential and I strongly believe that graduate school offers opportunities to attain the above. Graduate study, being the first step towards the realization of my goals, Having been enlightened by many professors and several graduating seniors about the rigorous course work besides possessing state-of-the-art research facilities, I had no dilemma in choosing University of Newhavens as my dream university for pursuing my graduate studies.

I am sure that University of Newhavens with dynamic faculty, well equipped laboratories and world renowned graduate programs would definitely help me in achieving my goals and contribute something of my own in my field of interest. I believe that with my capacity for hardwork, commendable logic and dedication to achieve my goals, I will be able to do very well in my Graduate course. I aver that I take it as a challenge and spare no effort of mine in utilizing the resources available at your university. I am sure that you will share my confidence and give me an opportunity to continue with my further studies at your esteemed university.

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