Building a Green Kitchen

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An ordinary kitchen consumes at least 41. 5 percent of energy consumed by the entire household. Lighting, cooking, and refrigeration are the biggest culprits (“Tech Set 8: Green Kitchen Remodel”). The high energy consumption of lights may be reduced by locating workspaces close to windows or installing new windows if not a skylight to make good use of daylight. Energy efficient refrigerators are also available. The most efficient of these are the 20-cubic-foot fridges that consume 47 percent less energy.

Similarly, energy-efficient dishwashers are sold in the markets nowadays. Energy-efficient stoves, e. g. convection ovens as well as induction-element ranges, are better than old-fashioned stoves (“Creating a Green Kitchen”). Water efficiency must also be addressed in order to make a kitchen green. The kitchen faucet should be a changed if it is not a “water saving model (“Low Flow Kitchen Faucet”). ” The new water efficient kitchen faucets could save a huge amount of water without significantly impacting the daily chores completed in the kitchen.

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These faucets use sensors that stop the flow of water if it is going to be wasted otherwise. They also use aerators that reduce the flow of water without the user noticing. But, of course, there are finer models available with newer technologies as well. There is a metered valve faucet, for example, that could deliver up to 0. 25 gallons of water before shutting off automatically (“Low Flow Kitchen Faucet”). As far as the indoor environment of a kitchen is concerned, ventilation and the quality of air are the most important issues to address if the kitchen must turn green.

Installing new windows to create cross ventilation is a good idea. An exhaust hood over the stove that is energy efficient must also work wonders. Because mold may grow in places that are damp and could easily get mixed with breathable air to cause respiratory problems – it is essential to fix pipe leaks, too. Dangerous chemical based cleaning products may also pollute the kitchen environment with toxic fumes, which is why it is imperative to purchase only environmentally friendly products (“Creating a Green Kitchen”).

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