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The advert I have chosen to review is the Bounty kitchen roll advert. It is about forty seconds long. It is an advert that sticks in your mind and you do not have to think about it to know what it is about. The advert is about proving that Bounty kitchen roll is stronger than other brands even when it is wet. The advert starts with two people. At first, you think that they are women but when you look, again you see that they are really two drag queens with wigs on. They are called Barbara and Maureen. Both of them have lots of stubble on their faces and look as if they either have bad hangovers or they are stoned or something. Maureen is wearing a pink top with a big tacky multi-coloured scarf on and Barbara is wearing a blue top with a big flowery apron on. They are dressed like this to catch people's attention and to make an impression. The impression they give out is one of ridiculousness because when something is ridiculous it is usually funny as well.

A narrator with a deep voice introduces them. This is to make the advert have a sort of comical-seriousness. The words that he actually says are "These are Maureen and Barbara, they are both tough and these are tough stains." The advert then goes on to show two big stains on an oven (it is set in the kitchen). The kitchen is big and tacky to kind of go with the camp sort of feeling they are projecting. It is turquoise, green and pink with lots of flowers.

About two seconds later Maureen introduces Bounty and Barbara introduces another kitchen paper, which does not have a name so I am going to call it 'A'. They say, "This is Bounty, and this isn't" A close up picture of a sheet of Bounty then comes up on the screen and shows all the layers of it and makes the statement "Bounty's new double quilted paper holds together even when it's wet"

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Maureen then goes on to prove this by wetting the tissue under the tap and pulling it to see if it would snap. The Bounty does not snap but 'A' does. While this is shown on the television in the corner, they show a big red star with "new" written inside it. The reason they show this is because they want to show that it is new, the reason for this is that people like new things and it makes them want to go out and buy them to try them. They think that because it is new it is some kind of miracle product.

After this, it shows Maureen mopping up a spillage of pasta or something. The Bounty tissue stays intact while 'A' which Barbara is using disintegrates. After that, it shows Maureen putting a piece of the paper on a spillage of water. She then holds up the piece of paper and the Bounty logo comes up. The narrator then goes on to say, "Bounty, have you tried it wet?" All through this add Maureen looks pleased because he/she has the Bounty and Barbara has A and always looks frustrated in the background and at one point it shows her kicking a work surface. As well through this, add there is a jolly, happy jingle going on which also makes you remember the advert because it sticks in your head.

I think that this product is aimed at families and people with children because it is so strong and in a house with kids, there is likely to be lots of mess. I think that the advert is very eye-catching as they use lots of bright colours and the whole thing as a whole is quite amusing. These are all reasons that would make the advert succeed and make people buy Bounty as well as make the company very well known.

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