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Relaxation Destination

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My day usually consists of doing homework in the morning, going to class at noon, then going to work after class. I go to class for two hours a day Monday through Friday, and work six hours a day seven days a week.

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Relaxation Destination

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. My lake house is my relaxation destination for when I need to get away from my everyday life. It only takes forty-five minutes for me to get there when driving a brisk sixty miles an hour.

Just before I arrive at my lake house, I can catch a glimpse of the cobalt lake water shimmering in the sun, and begin to smell wood burning in the air. From this point on it feels as if time is standing still. When I get out of my truck, the smell of sweet bar-b-que ribs and wild flowers awaken my senses to the great outdoors. Just one look at my lake house and I am relaxed. The siding on my lake house is made of solid rough cut cedar panels. My lake house has two screened in porches; the one on the back of the house is used for entertaining and cooking.

The second porch is on the front of the house. This is where we unwind in the hot tub, watch TV, enjoy exuberant sunsets, and listen to the melody of nature. Our porches are where I usually hangout and spend most of my time when I visit the lake house. The inside of my lake house is vividly rustic, with attractive antiques scattered throughout it. My lake house has two bedrooms, one bath, and is approximately fifteen hundred square feet. The yellow pine hard wood floors throughout the house give it a rustic feeling. All the walls in the house are painted pistachio with yellow pine trim.

When I walk in the house the smell of home cooking makes my mouth water. The living room has an old cast-iron wood burning stove that comes in handy on chilly winter nights: I love to cuddle by it, and roast marshmallows with it. The living room, also called the family room is where we play board games, watch movies, and tell stories in the winter. The kitchen has Carmel colored granite counter tops and dark cherry cabinets with stainless steel handles

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