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House Cleaning

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Keeping a house clean is a problem quite a few single working parents have, between taking care of children and working a full-time job, housework seems to get the short end of the stick. Activities can be hectic upon the return from work and school for the parent and children. During the preparation of dinner and completion of homework, vacuuming the carpet doesn’t seem that important. Too often homes fall into disorder, due to tiredness or busyness with other things. When all is said and done “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” and should never be ignored.

Housework can be made simple by cleaning as you go. Getting into the habit of putting things where they belong, instead of leaving them where they were used is one way to stave off a mess. Allowing little messes to grow into large ones creates an environment no one wants to deal with. Take advantage of downtime. While watching television, get some clothes folded and put away, dust tables and clean glass. While helping with homework, start washing the dishes and sweeping the kitchen floor, mop if you have time. Thirty-minute clean-up should be established for every personable.

Use appropriate motivators to energize cleaning sessions. Play upbeat music or listen to a digital book for an energy boost. Cleaning as a team with family members can help to stay on task and ease the boredom of cleaning. This concept is to do a quick clean, in addition to chores done throughout the day, leaving the house looking and smelling better. Simple concepts can be applied to keeping the house clean. Washing dishes when you are done with them only takes about ten minutes. Everyone should pitch in to put away leftovers, wash dishes, clean counters and stove.

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When something hits the floor, get it up immediately. Put clothes away after wearing, if they are clean, put them away. Create a place for keys, shoes, backpacks, and umbrellas; be sure to always put things where they belong. Before going to bed give the home a second look. Anything that can be tidied quickly, get it done. More tips on house cleaning would include reducing and recycling. Reducing the amount of waste accumulated in a household can be accomplished by purchasing cloth towels, cooking appropriate amounts of food, and tossing mailings immediately.

Donating books magazines, clothing and shoes, and toys to Goodwill or other second hand stores will reduce clutter. Getting organized, an organized home is a quick and easy home to clean. Develop a cleaning schedule. Assign each member a room and task to be done daily. Tools and supplies should be in the room or in a closet or cabinet near-by. The task should have a time frame to be completed. Every two to three months, you should do a deeper clean. This would include cleaning out the refrigerator, the oven, closets and cabinets. Developing the habit of keeping a clean house won’t be easy at first.

Don’t expect to be perfect at clean-as-you-go right away. It’s a new habit you may have problems with. Try one thing at a time for a while, then two things. Starting with the kitchen sink staying clean is good beginning. Once the entire kitchen has been added to your routine, adding something like the bathroom sink would be an appropriate addition. While getting into the habit of cleaning-as-you-go the rest of the home still needs attention. Utilize your, everything has a place, rule. Things like shoes, backpacks, mail, umbrellas, and books and magazines should always be in the place selected for them.

Children being involved in the cleaning process in always good. Teaching children at an early age the importance of cleanliness is a lifelong lesson. Maintaining a tidy room as well as getting good grades is something to be proud of. Children should never perform tasks that require chemicals. When chemicals are used in the wrong concentration, they can be very harmful. Chores like making the bed, sweeping or vacuuming the floor and putting clothes away will put a dent in daily tasks and give the kids a since of responsibility.

A Beautiful Home

They say a house is not a home until it is filled with the laughter and noise of the family living in it. The house I grew up in was just a simple wooden house. It had all the basics that made it a house such as the rooms and furniture. I remember that my favorite room in the house was the kitchen.

The kitchen for me is what made my family house a beautiful home. I remember how the kitchen always smelled of a mixture of brewed coffee and bacon first thing in the morning. I did not need an alarm clock during those summer months out of school.

The freshly cooked bacon and smell of hot bread coming out of the oven always got everyone out of bed early. I would always be the first of my siblings in the kitchen, ready and willing to set the breakfast table. As the family sat gathered around to eat, we would tell stories about how we planned to spend the day.

After the meal, our father would line us up by the door before he left and give us our candy money for the day. He was a kind man my father. He always smelled like soap and coffee even hours after the meal.

My house is a beautiful home. It has everything that is expected. I have a loving father, a responsible mother, and siblings who I continue to grow with to adulthood. What more can I ask for?

Questions and Answers:

  • What was your dominant impression?

The dominant impression I wanted to capture in this paper is the early memory of my childhood and those simple times when my family shared everything we did together. I also wanted to give the reader a vivid description of how my family was and the simple joys we shared like having an early morning breakfast.

  • Weakness in my assignment?

I wish I had a higher allowable word count so that I could be more descriptive and further enhance the use of the 5 senses of my reader as my narration progresses. I also think that I have a problem in the subject verb agreement in a portion of the essay.

  • Strengths in my assignment I am proud of?

I am proud of the way I was able to relate a simple childhood experience and enhance it into a wonderful memory of the home I grew up in for whoever might read my essay.

Broken home: what is it and what are its consequences

Relationships between parents and children have always been a significant topic to discuss and a serious matter to think about. In fact, they are the essence of family life and the basis of children’s formation as a personality. It is important to pay attention to these relationships because they are usually tensed and strained. When a child is grown up in a family where he/she feels indifference and coldness he/she will take such a vision of mutual relationships into his/her own adult life. Love and care of the family members have a crucial impact on the child’s psychical development.

“In the English language, "broken home" refers to the family where the bonds between mother, father and children have turned sour or ruptured; individuals are weakened or uprooted as a result” (Fend “Broken Home”). This term is used to note a family in which love, care, and understanding are absent. Every family member is a victim. Nobody wants to blame him-/herself, nobody cares about other person’s feelings, and nobody wants to suffer. Parents are quarreling among themselves and as a result, have no time for their kids.

Sometimes it can be even worst – parents blame their children for all problems. No doubt, such a family cannot be useful for a society as it cannot be useful even for its own members. In the “broken home,” family relationships are broken. For a child living in such a home is a nightmare. As we all well know, every child needs love and attention. Without these elements child will suffer emotionally, thus he/she won’t develop as a well-balanced personality. Moreover, a child in such a family will always be between his/her fighting parents.

The kid loves both parents equally and wants them to leave in mutual love and respect. When the child sees his/her parents quarreling, he/she may think that he/she is the reason for their disagreement. This awareness makes the kid’s life more complicated. The famous Papa Roach’s song reflects the child’s feelings and emotions which he/she experiences while leaving in such a family. The kid begins to blame his-/herself for all parents’ problems: Broken home all alone I can't seem to fight these feelings.

And my wounds are not healing I'm stuck in between my parents. I know my mother loves me, but does my father even care If I'm sad or angry you were never ever there. What’s wrong with me (1-2, 4-5, 13-14, 20) That’s why parents should pay due attention to their mutual relationships, as well as to the relationships with their kids. Life in a “broken home” negatively influences a kid’s growth. “Broken home” is a serious problem family must deal with.

Such type of family is characterized by constant cry, fear, and tears. On the contrary, a well-being family is characterized by love, care, and joy. The parents’ divine duty is to make their home a desirable place for leaving, a place where their children will always want to go to. All that is needed to make a kid happy is just a sincere hug, a word of support, a smile, and a tolerance. Parents should try to be patient with each other and not quarrel about trivial things. And even if they do quarrel, they should make sure their kids are not witnessing this.

Every problem can be solved if there is a mutual desire, even the problem of a “broken home”. Why are so many people unhappy? Why do they perceive mutual relationships as constant mortification and pain? The answer is simple: they were grown up in “broken homes”. Our task is to ensure a joyful and happy life for kids and to eradicate the phrase “broken home” from our language.

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Feels Like Home

Feel like Home The first few weeks I arrived in Leeds, I felt quite lonely since I arrived late and I missed out the chance to meet new friends during the fresher programs. One day I received an email from the university telling that there will be a party to welcome new and returning Muslims faith students in Leeds Grand Mosque. I knew this will be my opportunity to meet and socialize with other students that have same faith as me. Without hesitation, I highlighted the date in my diary.

On the day itself, when I reached the venue, I was surprised to see the crowd that gathered in the place. It was really beyond my expectation. For one second, I hesitated to join the party because I came alone and afraid that I will be isolated from the crowd. Suddenly a friendly young lady, whom I assumed to be one of the society members, greeted me warmly at the door and invited me to come in. I saw groups of young students around my age, busy chatting and mingling around in the hall.

I walked to the girls to greet them and introduce myself. They were so friendly and welcomed me to join their group. We started to talk about ourselves, random topics and made jokes. Within that short acquaintance, I slowly felt so comfortable with them and no longer felt awkward at all. All of us came from different countries, ethnicities and some of them are locals too. It was good to know that you are not the only one who is thousand miles from your home. The event started with welcome speech from the society’s representative.

Then, we were being informed briefly about the upcoming events that will be held by the society throughout the year. After the short opening, we were divided into two groups to have ice breaking session. We had so much fun during the session. All of us were then later being invited to have some refreshments that had been prepared by the society. Before the event ended, we promised to meet up again for the Eid celebration a week from now. As promised, on the 26th October 2012, we gathered again in the same place for the Eid Adha celebration.

This time was not only for ‘us’ but the whole Muslims faith community in Leeds. It was great to meet even more new people on that day; some of them came with their families and small children too. We had prayer together in the morning. Then, all of us had photo session before heading to the feast in our friend’s house. It was such a great experience and glad to know that we are like a ‘big family’ here in Leeds. Most of all, this kind of gathering makes you will feel like home. I am absolutely looking forward to joining more social events like this in the future.

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