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Who Won the Civil War: North or South

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For the south it was nearly impossible to win the war . The north had many advantageson the south, which created a large difference in the outcome of the Civil War. The North had a bigger population, better leadership, and Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was a leader of the union, and led them to many great victories with his decision making on generals to lead the Union. The north had many plans to shut down the south, though they often took longer than what was expected of them, so many of them were stopped by generals or were figured out by the south.

The south came out fighting Fort Sumpter and Bull Run. The advantages that the south had was that all of the battles were in the south and numbers of people who actually wanted to fight for the south was much higher than the soldiers of the north. The south was fighting to keep their way of life, slavery. The north wanted a new constitution and to obliterate the confederacy. Most of the time the north had better in terms of generals, but not always. The north had good generals, but they also had bad ones.

The bad ones were either too scared to fight, or didn't fight fast enough. Ulysses S. Grant was the general that gave the Union the greatest victories. He fought long and hard. He would do anything he possible could to win. The South had a very slim chance to win with this man in charge. The north had more victories and advantages in the war than the south. The durastic effects the south underwent caused them to crumble. Some people say the north won, and some say the south won. The north did everything possible to win the war, and the south could never get anything out of it.

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