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Effects of Civil War on Women

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There are several changes that the Civil War brought to civilian society and some of these are the following: First of all, the United States of America have been brought back together, which also means that the States from the Southern portions were not given the permission to break away or become independent. Second, the Southern areas were “placed under military rule and divided into military districts”. This also caused these areas to “apply for readmission to the Union”. Third, the national or Federal government has proven itself to the civilians that its power may not at all be surpassed by the States. Fourth, the Civil War resulted in the liberation of slaves. Fifth, the Civil War established plans for the country’s “Reconstruction”.

The “Reconstruction” was the government’s plan to deal with the following direct effects of the civil war:

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  1. the freedom of slaves resulted in problems with regard to housing, clothing, food, and employment;
  2. the economic ruin led to having no money, closed banks, low supply of commodities, destruction of railroads and bridges, and devastation of plantation and crops;
  3. the defeat of the confederacy led to the South’s not having any government. Last but not least, industrialism was established because, during the war, production increased, as well as, several new technologies were added.

The aforementioned became possible because of the following:

  1. the freedom of slaves;
  2. the economic ruin in the South;
  3. the defeat of the confederacy.

Effects of Civil War on Women During the Civil War, women were given the opportunity to assume roles that people believed only men can carry out, for instance, “as nurses, government clerks, factory workers, family farmers, factory workers, some even disguised as a man to serve in the military service, etc. ”. This was the beginning of the triumph of gender equality since this upheld gender roles.

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