What is the best advice you have ever received?

Last Updated: 28 May 2020
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Everything happens for a reason and this I can prove by looking back at previous experiences which made vital contributions to my personality. My name is (insert name of student here) and I am aiming for a good position in your credible university as a student majoring in Industrial Engineering. My personal and academic experiences made me realize the importance of taking up another level of this field since I can seek for broader opportunities in the future. I came from China and graduated there with a degree in Electrical Engineering and upon graduation, I still long for more knowledge relating to this field.

I was too confused at that time of changing my career path since I am also fascinated in studying Industrial Engineering. I seek for a friend's advice and his name is (try to insert a friend's name here) and I was able to get the best advice that made a lot of difference in my life. My friend told me that I should go out of the country and try studying in the United States where they give the best quality of education. My friend gave me a life changing advice since he convinced me to step out of my homeland so I can make my dreams come true of taking up a different field of Engineering.

I felt really blessed and relieved since I got the necessary support from my family who agreed to my decision of furthering my education abroad. I started to follow the advice given by my friend by having the necessary courage and never be intimidated by the fact that I will be in a foreign land. I utilized most of his words of wisdom by trying to seek for more details regarding the said country and seek for a credible institution that will help me fulfill my career. I am now in the point of my life were bravery and confidence is at its best.

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I will never loose hope and I will maintain my optimistic attitude especially when it comes to my future career. Taking the stand and going to the United States is indeed a worthy advice given by my friend. I am looking forward to spending my educational days at (insert name of university here) and learning more about Industrial Engineering. I believe that this University is capable of producing excellent Industrial Engineers in the future. I anticipate my future with success.

Impossible is nothing for a person who shows dedication and passion for success. I will never be this confident if not by the help of my friend. He brings out the best in me by means of his encouraging words. I will follow what he told me because I know that it will make a difference in my career path. At the same time, choosing to study at (insert name of university here), will make all my dreams come true since I will be taking up a major in a university that recruits only the best and finest students.

In addition there are wide array of academic resources on this university along with professors who are experts in the field of Industrial Engineering. Now is the right time for me to make all my dreams into reality. I am an optimistic person and considers problems as important factors that will make me a person stronger that before and well prepared for tomorrow. I will not let my friend down and I will follow what he told me when it comes to taking up the field of Engineering that I love most.

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