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An advice leaflet for teenagers on how to lead a healthier lifestyle

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To start with, if you want to look good and stay fit, you should exercise and eat a healthy and balanced diet. Today, 25% of the world’s population are dying from heart disease which is caused by fat blocking the artery which carries blood that goes to the heart and that’s how people die.

You can stop this problem by exercising. What good will this do to you? Well, when you run or do any sort of exercise, your body will burn the fat and make you feel lighter. You can argue with me that fat is needed for keeping you warm in the winter. True, but it’s needed in limited amounts. If you exercise, it exercises not only your body but also your heart and will also control your breathing rate.

Secondly, you should eat a balanced diet. That is eat carbohydrates: bread, cornflakes, wheat etc. more every day to give you energy to start your day; vitamins and minerals- fruit and veg to boost up your immune system: defence for your body to protect you against harmful diseases and fats and oils for storage and warmth in your body- e.g. chocolate. You should also eat proteins e.g. egg for growth and repair of cells.

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Thirdly, you should get out, cycle or play football with your friends and feel the fresh, clean and pure breeze rushing on to your face and making you feel refreshed. It also gives you a break from study and calms your mind from stress. You should at least go out for an hour every day.

So overall what I am trying to do is to get you all to agree with me that you should exercise, get outside and feel the fresh air and eat a balanced diet for your healthy lifestyle, healthy body and healthy mind.

Pictures to fit the above points:

An unfit body: A fit body:

Let’s see what you have learned. Fill in the quick quiz below:

1. What do you need in order to have a healthy diet?

2. What do you need to do in order to remain fit?

3. What does going outside to play etc. do to you?

Submit your answers no later than Tuesday 7th February 2011 on this address: 12, Fitchburg province, Tennessee, US 00345


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