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Whom We Should Seek Advice From

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In the article, the author is giving a description of whom we should seek advice from. This is referred to as pathos. Biederman states that those people may sound smart and with lots of experience, but you should not let their opinion kill common sense. From this statement, the author is describing how you should be careful while taking advice and scrutinize every detail. People will always try to sound smart to impress you.

The author's opinion is that you need to believe in yourself rather than listening to other people .sounding smart does not necessarily mean they are right. Biederman also states that in business, leaders who need the best advice are always vulnerable to bad ones. Leaders are supposed to know everything. Looking for help elsewhere as a leader is an indication that you doubt yourself. You need to look for a second opinion while seeking advice. If someone advises you, go for a second opinion from another person to compare and take the best.

This article is a techne. This is because it applies logos, ethos, and logos. Logos help the author to achieve his purpose because using facts draws the attention of the audience. People will always want to read articles which the writer has facts and evidence to back them. Using ethos in this article was very vital as people don't read an article from a person who is not sure of what they are talking about. They want opinions from experts and professionals.

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Both logos and ethos enable the writer to communicate to the reader. This example provides knowledge of the people to get advice from and the ones we should avoid. It clearly states all the three people who should or should be listened to. This example gives us a better way of living as the article mentions that you need to trust in yourself and always take two steps forward instead of one. It further encourages people to ever believe in themselves and what they are capable of doing. The article reflects the view of truth as the author uses facts.

An example is when the author referred to know-it-alls as people who are overconfident. This is true as people who think they know everything always feel that their advice is relevant in any industry. You can't even argue with them as they believe they are still right.
This example is neither propaganda nor entertainment; it is rhetoric as the author has used the rhetorical writing approach to demonstrate his points. It is also rhetorical as the author has applied description strategy in his article.

A description is essential when proving a point as it is what attracts the audience. The article describes how we should carefully examine all details without being bias. He also explains how we need to always believe in our judgment because we know what is best for us. This example uses definitions which are necessary to distinguish ideas and explain new terms. In this article, the author defined individuals with vested interests as people with conflicts of interest. Rob Biederman explains the meaning of vested interest and how to know those with a vested interest. He defined them as people who gain from your loss.

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