First Day of School

Last Updated: 26 Jan 2021
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First day of school

When I woke up that morning I thought my life was going to end. The summer was over and it was the first day of school. I didn't go to sleep the night before because I had a lot on my mind, but I had to get my tired self up and get ready. I laid my clothes out the night before and I had out a cross necklace some cross earrings a blue shirt and some khaki shorts. So after I got dressed and got in the car I begged and pleaded with my mama not to make me go. But I still came, when I first got to school I was terrified I didn't know anybody and I was new. Not a good combination but I had to get out of the car so I did and I was lost for a while but I found my class shortly. I walked into a room full of people and it was hot and dark the only light was from the colorful lamps and the computers, there were computers everywhere. I was the tallest one in the class like I always am I felt like people were talking about me I was scared and didn't want to be there at all I wanted to call my mom and tell her that is was not going to work to come to get me immediately. Before I got around to that the bell rang and it was time for class to start.

So I sat down and in the comer where my seat was and just cried for almost the entire class. I didn't want to be there I felt like nobody else wanted me to be there either. I had just gone through a lot and I broke my wrist the week before so my heart and my and my mind were just not there. I couldn't stop crying I was depressed and lonely, but the class was about to end so I had to dry my tears up and keep it moving because I knew the day was almost over. I felt my day couldn't get any worse and it didn't. This time I ended up in a very bright room and all the people seemed really happy. It was bibles under the desks and posters talking about Jesus and encouragement all over the room. This lifted my spirit and I wasn't so sad anymore and people started to talk to me and wanted to know about who I was and they wanted to become my friend. At first, I was very reluctant to talk but I became comfortable and I made new friends. I was happy about this I had some good news to go home and tell my mom. But after getting to know my new friends I had to leave them and go to my last class of the day but I was happy that it was my last class.

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I walked in and it was math class. I hate math was never good at it but I was I'm there and I dreaded it but I found another new friend that became my best friend her name was sam and we clicked instantly we were both new and we didn't know anybody. That made me the happiest of all I wasn't alone anymore there was someone just like me. So that made math not so bad. I got through it and it was time to go home. My day started out bad but it ended ok and I wanted to come back the next day because I knew it would only get better.

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