During the first day of our staying

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Once upon a time my friends and I went on a hike. The company consisted only of the closest people. We chose a picturesque place with a lake and a forest nearby and intended to make our hike a perfect one. We dreamt about great weather and our dreams came true.

During the first day of our staying there we took much photos, gathered berries and flowers. On the second day there we decided to change the place and to put up the tents somewhere else. So we moved closer to the lake, but chose a somewhat higher level, so that to reach the lake one should go down a path lying not far from our camping place. So the girls crawled into the tent while the guys occupied themselves with gathering twigs for a fire. I went to help them too.

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The girls began fooling around. As they later told us, suddenly they discovered that they moved a little bit with the tent. Then they moved more… and more… And then not just moved, but fell into the lake from a rather high and steep slope.

They began screaming, crying for help, and shouting that much that we threw away the twigs and ran to them. Frightened and worried, we didn’t know what to do. Luckily enough, the trees held our tent and it stayed dry, so unlike the girls. Wet and scared, they got out of the lake and came back.

That curious story didn’t end, though. When we wanted to fix the tent back, we noticed a nest of snakes covered with leaves on the ex-place of tent. I can hardly call us surprised in that situation. Thanking our destiny for helping us out, we moved to a more secure place. Carefully examined it, we put up there.

I guess I can call that hike the most unforgettable thing in my life. I could never imagine that anything of the kind would happen to me…


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