Analysis of an Invoice Created Using Different Software Programs

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This invoice has probably been produced using a spread sheet, where you can use charts and graphs. The table itself would have been done in a spreadsheet but the information inside seems to have been typed in; it looks as though it could have been typed in with a typewriter. The heading for the invoice could also have been created in a word processor and then they might have integrated the invoice into the word processed document later. The heading contains only a simple logo, which could have been created in a paint program then pasted in later.

The heading only includes the companies name, details and logo which would make it very easy to use a word processor on this. There could be many ways this invoice could be created; another way would be on a desktop publisher (DTP) as it allows you to move text, images and place boxes around where you like. Layout The bulk of the invoice is a large table across the centre of a page. From the top it is 7cm down and from the bottom it is 8. 5cm up away from the edge, it also spreads right across the page leaving only a small margin of 0. 5cm at each edge.

The table contains 8 rectangular boxes each of different sizes the biggest one being the description box showing this is where most information about the product goes. The heading for each individual box is in a white colour with a blue background so they show up very clearly; the whole invoice uses the basic colour of blue and has used a grey colour for the typed text. Some of the text has been highlighted with orange, maybe to show importance in this piece of information. Also behind the main table is a picture of a ribbon with the writing 'prize choice' across it, the picture is in watermark showing that text can go over it.

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At the bottom of the table it gives the company website. At the bottom of the page are some smaller tables, one that includes 5 boxes where all the totals are added up. The other small table includes the customers details, which has been deleted out, how it was paid, the amount paid and unpaid. It also gives the total order weight. Each of these again is written in white with a blue background. The invoice has a footer which shows the 'terms of sale' and also has some other invoice details. The heading is in the very centre of the page with the company's logo either side of it.

It also shows us the different addresses and 'units' within the company. There is also a box with the delivery details in to the left of the page at the top. To the right is the document and account no. 's it also tells us the type of document it is which is obviously an invoice. Content The invoice contains lots of figures which are mainly the amount of money, like VAT, disc % and the total amount. Some of the figures given are the weights of the products. The invoice has included the customers, name, address and telephone no. all of which have been deleted out.

The date of the document has also been given and the document number. In the main table it only shows that 2 different types of product have been bought so most of it has been left blank. The information that has been filled in for these products are the description, VAT, OTY, unit price, disc %, disc amount and total. One of the columns has been left blank which is called 'loaded'. Purpose The document clearly shows that it is an invoice, also telling us clearly at the top that this is an invoice document. It gives enough space for plenty of products and gives an adequate amount of space for the description.

It clearly goes through all the charges they are giving you which make it seem like you haven't been cheated out of extra money. Its layout is very good and the watermarked picture catches your eye. It suits its purpose very well because it is all clear and shows you all the prices, even the small print at the bottom is clear, even though they don't really want you to read this information they make the terms clear to you. It has stated all the information that you would need, but the address where the product came from hasn't been stated and this may need to be thought through if they re-created the product again.

The typed in writing is also quite a pale-grey colour and needs to be in a darker colour. Conclusion When I produce my own invoice I will need to clearly give enough space. I like the idea of the watermarked picture which livens up this information, and may use this for my finished piece. It has also shown me that I need to make my product very clear and show all the different charges they might need. It has also made me see that I need the text in a darker colour so it shows up better than theirs did. R. J. Meaker Fencing Software used

Again this invoice seems to have used the same software as the first, but this would have definitely been created in spreadsheet and word processor because it doesn't include a logo at all making it very easy to use this program. This invoice only consists of a small table and letterhead and would have been very easy to create as the details inside have been handwritten in. This invoice could actually also been totally created in a word processor most of it is writing in the letterhead the table consists of only 3 boxes so they could have also been added into the word processor later. Layout

This has a very basic layout and the table for the product information is very simple. The letterhead is left aligned; it is all in capital letters and is in sans serif. To the left is the company's address which is again all in capitals and sans serif. Below the address it tells us that this document is an invoice like the Anglian Meat invoice. Above all this in small print it tells us what this company specialises in. It also gives us a number which looks like it has been stamped on instead of typed in when the invoice was created. It has left a space for the date which has been hand written in when the invoice was given to the customer.

Right at the bottom of the page it has more information, but this is about the payments, this is probably a footer. This invoice only has a table which consists of three boxes which all has been filled in by hand. It has no headings for the table so you can get very easily mixed up with what all the information is. All the way round it has a margin of 0. 75cm, the whole invoice seems to be within its own box. The entire invoice that has been typed in is in a green colour and the information that has been both stamped and written in is a black colour.

This invoice seems too been have made a very long time ago because of its simple structure and it doesn't include much detail at all. Content Unlike the first invoice this document contains measurements of the products; this invoice also includes a description like the Anglian Meat document. More products have been bought on this invoice so more of the space has actually been filled in, although this document does not include as much information as the first invoice. It gives us three columns of figures but these are not labelled so you don't know what these are actually for.

None of the information has been labelled at all, so it gets very confusing. The invoice tells us the company's name, address and the invoice number. It also tells us what the company does, gives us the invoice date and whether it has been paid. Purpose This invoice is not very suited to its purpose as it is not clear at all. For a start it hasn't included any of the customer's details, it hasn't even given their name. None of the information has been labelled at all so you don't know what any of the information is we just have to assume where the price details are.

The layout is very plain and boring which doesn't capture your attention. The information has also been written in so the whole document doesn't look very professional although this would have been easier than to type in at that time. Conclusion This invoice has shown me that I definitely need to label all my information properly and make sure the whole invoice is understood. It has also shown me that I need to give an address of the company and the customer which this invoice hasn't included. I also need to think about whether I want to type in my information or write it in.

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