False Hope Argumentative Essay

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Have you ever tried making yourself believe of the things that weren’t actually real? Well, if you did, then that was a normal thing experienced by others, experienced by you and experienced by me. False-hope. That was the right term to be used for those people who are keep on holding on to promises which they thought it will happen soon, tomorrow, the next day until the next-next-next days and ever. False-hope is a vague incidence. It was an untrue declaration of testimony uttered by those people who are good of making promises yet can’t stand for it. Promises.

Promises and false-hope are then supplementary to each other. Because if there are no promises that has been said, then there will be no someone who will continuously keep an eye for such pledges. There will be no someone who will keep on waiting for unclear tomorrows. And there will be no someone who’ll just be an innocent believer of all of those promises. Well, the very purpose why I wrote this article is to express my thoughts of believing so many things which are then things that were set to be forgotten. I myself is amenable that I’ve always been a victim of this uncertain thing.

But then, I just accepted those things . And so, I’ve come to a point of putting this into this piece of writing. Actually, I’m not feeling bad due to failed promises of so many people surround me. I just wrote this because I do believe that I’m not the only one who had experienced such thing. For a broader perspective, it’s not intentional. It happens because others didn’t want their belongings to directly lose their hope. It happens because they also thought that they could provide the things they promised to give yet after times of reaching to make it possible, still they won’t be able to do so.

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Sometimes, people didn’t intend to bring false-hope. It’s just that their capacity to fulfill their promises was not enough. But then, on the other hand, some tend to do this just to let other hope for nothing. Just like for example, a courtship between a lady and a gentleman. There are many times where guys had expected their dreamed girls to give them their awaited-yes answer. They’ve tried so hard to prove them they’re deserving. Yet at the end, they’ll end up disappointed. At home, I know we’ve been encountering this one often times.

You might got excited because you’ll be going out somewhere with your family but it will just be postponed due to so many reasons either valid or invalid reasons. You might expect something from someone but expectations will just fail. There are still so many instances where false-hope was its ending application. And this is actually normal as I said on the first part. And I guess, there is only one certain thing we must do in order not to be a victim of this over and over again. Don’t believe too much.

I didn’t mean of losing your trust to someone or to be a negative thinker. What I mean is don’t be 100% sure of the things being promised to you. Just expect for both sides. Just think that it might happen and it might not. Because the more that you expect the more that it will bring you failures. ‘Though we must always expect for the best but as I said we have to expect for both side. Well, I’ll end up saying “Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error. ” By Cicero. Thanks for reading anyway.

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