A False Utopia Society English Literature Essay

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A Utopia is an ideal province for society nevertheless, a Utopia is impossible to accomplish because a perfect universe does non be. A dystopia occurs when the commanding agents take control over all of society while taking away their rights, and freedom. A dystopia is obviously presented in the two novels Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. It is presented through the novels that control is merely possible with the usage of engineering. There are two distinguishable methods used to do a dystopia, Huxley uses felicity, while Orwell uses fright. Nevertheless, entire control over humanity is non unflawed because a rebellious quality will ever be, such as John, and Winston Smith. Both novels wish to obtain an indistinguishable end, to take complete control over humanity, but due to the defects within the dystopia complete use can non be. The commanding agents think they are making a Utopian society unlike the characters, who are the lone 1s that realise it is a dystopia. Despite the differences that exist within the societies of each novel, they both have the indistinguishable result of a dystopia.

It is apparent in the novel Brave New World and Nineteen Eighty-Four, it is impossible to accomplish complete control over humanity even through the usage of felicity. Brave New World attempts to take human individuality by taking over the procedure of maternity and childhood, and doing each babe born to their conditions and wishing. The babes are organized into their future societal groupings: `` We besides predestine and status. We decant our babes as socialised human existences, as Alphas or Epsilons, as future sewerage works or futureaˆ¦ '' ( Huxley 10 ) . They are basically taking the function of God nevertheless, human nature can be modified, but non removed. This is apparent in John who clearly demonstrates true human nature that is in the Fordian society: `` in Brave New World, the separation of gender and reproduction becomes the agencies whereby single individuality is made vulnerable and capable of being destroyed '' ( Martin 1 ) . John, unlike the Fordian society was born from a female parent which makes him portion of a alone society. His acknowledgments of the dystopia nowadays in the Fordian society makes him go a Rebel, as he recognises the defects and efforts to contend against them: `` '' Do n't you desire to be free work forces? Do n't you even understand what manhood and freedom are? '' ... `` I 'll do you free whether you want it or non '' aˆ¦he began to throw the small pill-boxes of soma tablets in smattering out into the country. '' ( Huxley 187 ) Through John it is apparent that his rebellious behavior was a defect in the society because of his acknowledgment of the dystopia. Rebellion will be because of the inability to take human nature which is what finally lead John and Winston to going Rebels.

In the fresh Nineteen Eighty-Four, protagonist Winston Smith is a Rebel. Winston, likewise to John has the ability to acknowledge the dystopia due to his human nature. Winston belongs in a alone portion of the society that rebels against the accountant Big Brother. He is determined to destruct Big Brother and finally destruct the dystopia. This purpose is exemplified when he states: `` I do n't conceive of that we can change anything in our ain life-time. But one can conceive of small knots of opposition jumping up here and there-small groups of people banding themselves together, and bit by bit turning '' ( Orwell 141 ) . He non merely has the dedication to destruct it even if he is a little fraction of the Oceanian society, but he states that there are other people similar to him. Unlike the Fordian society, Oceania attempts to cover with the Rebels by seeking to alter their human nature and do them into blind followings of the party: `` O'Brien turns the one rebellious Winston into another thoughtless drone of the Party, representing the almighty nature of the authorities, and the futility of contending against it. '' ( Beaird 1 ) . Although Winston was turned into a follower of Big Brother, he was portion of a society that exemplifies human nature and farther recognizing the dystopia. Both societies have Rebels within them such as John and Winston therefore, the rebellious presence depicts the societies as non flawless.

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The chief end is for the commanding agents is to accomplish complete control over the society, although both novels use different techniques to try to accomplish complete human control the result is indistinguishable. Nineteen Eighty-four utilizations fear while Brave New World uses felicity to take control over people. The Fordian society makes each group enjoy their life, and be happy with what they are making as stated by the Director of Brave New World: `` that is the secret of felicity and virtuousness - wishing what you 've got to make. All conditioning purpose at that: devising people like their unescapable societal fate. '' ( Huxley 12 ) . The Fordian society is based on fulfilling the demands of the people, but since the hatching Centre sets the people 's demands they are really easy to follow. Meloni emphasizes that because all the desires are obtained there is no demand for freedom: `` Desire is dead in the Brave New World: to acknowledge the being of it would intend to acknowledge the failure of the ideal province. That is why all cardinal demands, above all those related with the sexual inherent aptitude, are instantly satisfied except for the desire for freedom, which has necessarily been suppressed '' ( Varricchio 1 ) . The Fordian society does non necessitate freedom because they do non cognize what it is, an semblance is made that they are populating with freedom but in world even their freedom is controlled. Sexual activity and haoma, a drug that all of society takes to do themselves more relaxed and happy, finally distracts society from the real property and yesteryear, similar to the Oceanian society.

The Oceanian society presented in Nineteen Eighty-Four utilizations fright and propaganda to try to take control over all of humanity. Oceania is invariably watching people, and maintaining people sacred to either make something against the jurisprudence or even believe incorrect about Large Brother. The penalty as all the people know is either decease or terrible maltreatment, maintaining the society scared to make something incorrect. Both novels remove: the usage privateness, history, and the past to take control over the society: `` In the standardised societies depicted in both novels the media uphold conformance, denying persons their ain privateness and personal feelings. Simultaneously, they strengthen powers capable of commanding every individual aspect of their topics ' life by striping them of all critical attitude. Both societies have emptied of a sense of history and of memory of the yesteryear. In Airstrip One, the emptiness is filled by a host of images of propaganda whereas in the fordian universe is shallowness and sensationalism. '' ( Neilson 1 ) . One of the universe controllers O'Brien makes it really clear how rigorous the Party is to all of society, `` There will be no trueness, except trueness towards the Party. There will be no love, except the love of Big Brother. There will be no laughter, except the laugh of victory over a defeated enemyaˆ¦All viing pleasances will be destroyed. But alwaysaˆ¦there will be the poisoning of power, invariably increasing and invariably turning subtler. '' ( Orwell 242 ) . Sexual activity must besides be controlled by both societies to hold control over the people: `` Since gender lies at the nucleus of identityaˆ¦it must be controlled by the province every bit good. In Nineteen Eighty-Four, the method used is non physical control of gender and reproduction through engineering and conditioning, as in Brave New World. '' ( Martin 1 ) . Sexual activity in Oceania is considered a rebellious act if done with pleasance or joy, which is why Winston has sex with his spouse Julia. Even with Oceania utilizing fright, and the Fordian society utilizing happiness the result is that both of the societies have turned into a dystopia, which is apparent through the Rebels John, and Winston. But without the usage of engineering no control is possible.

Technology is as a necessity for accomplishing domination. Through both novels Brave New World and Nineteen Eighty-Four it is exemplified that merely with the usage of engineering it is possible to command people. Both Fordian, and Oceanian society use the engineering otherwise nevertheless, for the same intent. Brave New World uses engineering to do different groups of people assigned to different occupations in their life, engineering is besides used to keep properties of immature age and felicity: `` We preserve them from diseases. We keep their internal secernments unnaturally balanced at a vernal equilibriumaˆ¦We give them transfusions of immature blood. We keep their metamorphosis for good stimulated. Youth about unimpaired till 60, and so, cleft! The terminal. '' ( Huxley 95 ) . Technology is the most of import portion of the citizen 's lives, and for the commanding agents because it is easier to modify human nature from birth. Besides with old age and unhappiness society would non obey their orders, and effort to better their lives taking to blemish within the dystopia: `` On suction reserves reside people who lack technological `` progresss. '' The abode of Malpais, in contrast with the citizens of the World State, pattern a simple, agricultural life style. They give birth to kids of course and pattern monogamousness. '' ( Beaird 1 ) . The little society outside of the World State is non controlled because they will non let themselves to be, and without engineering they will populate their lives in a free and rebellious mode as exemplified by John. Unlike the World State, Oceania is watching and commanding everybody at all times.

In the fresh Nineteen Eighty-Four, engineering is used to watch people and all their actions. While all of society knows they are being watched it non merely lets the accountants keep society under their orders, but makes society scared to disobey: `` the innovation of the telescreenaˆ¦is righty considered of the extreme importance for the care of a constabulary stateaˆ¦The telecasting is hence shown to attach to every individual minute of people 's life, developing them to entire passiveness '' ( Beaird 1 ) . Without the telescreen watching society, people would be close and have a sense of security finally, taking to rebellion: `` The telescreen received and transmitted at the same time. Any sound Winston made, above the lever of a really low susurration, would be picked up by it ; furthermore, so long as he remained within the field of vision which the metal plaque commanded, he would be seen every bit good as heardaˆ¦You had to live-did unrecorded, form wont that became instinct-in the premise that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every minute scrutinised. '' ( Orwell 6 ) . Both novels use engineering to take control, and manipulate over society. Brave New World takes control of people from the beggary of their being, while Nineteen Eighty-four utilizations engineering to invariably watch society and penalize the disobeyers, finally doing fright. Nevertheless both novels successfully attempt to accomplish entire human control making a dystopia.

In both novels ; Brave New World and Nineteen Eighty-Four, their several societies are populating in a utopia, but for John and Winston they are able to see that it is a dystopia. Even with different methods and engineering used, it is exemplified through the Rebels John and Winston that the defects in the control system will ne'er let complete control. It is proven through them that human nature is possible to pull strings but non destruct. Therefore, this leaves human control and use possible to a certain extent. Despite the Fordian society and Oceania trying to accomplish a utopia utilizing different methods, it is apparent that accomplishing a Utopia is impossible because a perfect universe does non be, and the effort will finally take to an indistinguishable result.

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