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Jenkins Corporation True of False Test

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1) An example of a goal statement that is SMART is "Jenkins Corporation expects to achieve a 5% improvement in the on-time delivery of its computer components. True / False

2) You are involved with a team where members encourage relationship-building roles and team members take responsibility for providing feedback regarding performance. Your team is in the norming stage. True / False

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3) Open ended questions elicit specific information are useful for point clarification and when time is limited. However, they questions restrict the interviewee’s freedom. True / False

4) When presenting to a group that may display opposition to the topic, it is advisable to tailor your message utilizing a two-sided message. True / False

5) Double-barreled questions assume a condition that the interviewee may not agree with but calls for the interviewee to support that condition. True / False

6) When planning a meeting that applies the rule of three-fourths, information is dispersed to participants at the three-quarter point between meetings. True / False

7) The task of the team in the forming stage is to clarify direction. True / False

8) An Everest goal represents an extraordinary achievement. True / False

9) Abilene paradox and boiled frog syndrome enhance the effectiveness of decision making in team meetings. True / False

10) To reach the fourth stage of the four stages of team development labeled by Tuckman, a team must progress through the first three stages of development. True / False

11) Once the team has developed a comfortable climate, the next stage is the performing stage. True / False

12) "You are completely naive," is more effective feedback than "Your comments are not on the topic." True / False

13) When conducting an interview, elaboration, clarification, and repetition may be used as probing methods. True / False

14) When planning a meeting that applies the rule of halves, agenda items are in the hands of the agenda scheduler no later than one-half of the time interval between the last meeting and the upcoming meeting. True / False

Jenkins Corporation True of False Test essay

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