Are Test Scores a Good Indication of a Student’s Competency?

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Are test scores a good indication of a student's competency? Nowadays, many students spend all their time in learning the courses and preparing the tests, and they don't have any time to take part in other activities. Is this phenomenon good or not? However, are test scores a good indication of a student's competency? Opinions vary from person to person. As far as I am concerned, test scores are not the only standard of evaluation, but it is still very important. First of all, not only those who get very high test scores can achieve success.

Test scores only stands for a small part of one's competency. Test score is a reflection of your daily study. A good examination results indicates that you study hard, know how to go ahead and be different with those who lives without any aims. Scores themselves aren't what count, it's the fact that you are a person of ability or not. For example, the college entrance examination score of Jiang Fangzhou, who is a talent young writer, was not so high. But Because of his outstanding writing ability she was unconventional admitted by Tsinghua University.

Besides, the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Mo Yan, but he had only primary education. On the other hand, high test score does not always represent a very strong personal capacity. “High scores and low abilities” is a new phrase in china. Xiao Li, a graduate who was freshly out of school, hasn’t found a job yet. He said, “I can’t do anything except studying, especially interpersonal skills and the ability of living independence. Maybe because my ‘High scores and low abilities’, I can’t get an offer from any company. When you are a person who has no other ability, test score can be a standard to evaluate your ability. But when you enter the society, maybe it is meaningless. It just represents your history, and you need to have various other abilities, such as practice ability, innovation ability, target power and interpersonal communication ability. Thirdly, test score is not a capital, but some time it is the knocking brick of success. Test score is still an important standard of selecting candidates in today's china.

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For example, in most cases, the college entrance examination and the civil servants examination are completely according to the examination scores for students' admission. In addition, many employers choose better employees in according to their test scores. So to most ordinary people, if we have high scores, we can have more opportunities All in all, test scores are not the only standard of evaluation. But under the exam-oriented education, we must have a high score, only then we can be recognized by the society. Of course, we should not only manage to get high test scores, but also improve our other abilities as far as possible.

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