Ethics in a workplace

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Ethics are the assumptions that determine a person’s behavior.

Workplace ethics

Workplace ethics means rules, regulations, and the techniques that may be carried out in the workplace by the staff of an organization and the staff is liable to maintain the organization’s culture and to construct a better relationship with the customer by providing better services.

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Characteristics of workplace ethics:
There are some characteristics of workplace ethics.

  • Punctuality
  • Focus on the work
  • Respect
  • Desire to improvement in the organization
  • Citizenship
  • Take initiative
  • Think positive

Benefits of Ethics:

There are some benefits of ethics

  • Team work
  • Less legal issues
  • Increase public image
  • Increase brand value
  • Increase productivity

Small Business Ethics:

There are many types of ethics. Business Ethics is the main type of ethics. Business ethics include the moral and ethical values in the business. It is known as cooperate ethics.
Reasons why ethics is important in small business?

  • Good ethics can create customer loyalty.
  • Ethics can reduce the business risk.
  • An ethical business can increase the profit.
  • Ethical business can reduce the chances of losing customers.

Code of Ethics:

A code of Ethics is guiding principles that are designed to help the professional for conduct their business with is formal statement of what a company expect from the employee of the organizations.
What things are include in code of Ethics?

There are some things that are includes in the code of ethics.

  • The work environment
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Protect company Assets
  • Dress code

The work environment:

The staff of the company should main the workplace environment. They must follow the rules and regulation and the laws set by the organization.
Protect Company’s Assets:
It is necessary for the employees of the organization that they should protect their company’s assets including tangible or intangible. They should prepare the accurate company’s records.

Dress Code:

It is the essential thing that is necessary for company’s code of ethics. The employees should be well dressed when they are at work and dealing with the customers.
How to write a code of ethics?

There are some steps that are followed by the organization while writing a code of conduct.

  • Review the mission statement.
  • Select your words carefully.
  • See where the other organization have fall.
  • Create a company’s code for discussion
  • Make a final draft and share it.

Code of conduct:

A code of conduct refers to the rules and regulations that describe the norms, values, rules, regulations, and the responsibilities of the organizations.
What things are include in code of conduct?
A code of conduct may be include

  • Ethical principles
  • Values of the organizations
  • Responsibilities
  • Ethical standards
  • Code of practices
  • Disciplinary actions

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