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Workplace ethics

Workplace ethics Conduct Internet research on a selected business topic.Take notes on Internet research.For this project, you will conduct Internet research on a productive business skills topic of your choice from the following list: teamwork and collaboration; time management; conflict resolution; workplace ethics; professional dress and grooming; effective speaking and presentation skills.

Each of the following parts of this project will help you use the skills you have learned in this unit to complete a well-written report on the business skill you have selected.

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Part 1: For this section of the project, you will select your topic and begin to conduct Internet research related to this topic. You should review a minimum of three sources for this project. Take notes on each source using the following points as a guide: Source (title and URL) Summary of the information How do you know this source is credible?

Part 2: Using your notes, write a five-paragraph (minimum) essay about your selected business skills topic. You must incorporate references from the research you did (remember to cite your sources). Be sure to organize your ideas logically and equentially, including a compelling introduction and a summarizing conclusion. Part 3: You will read and review one of your classmate’s reports and give constructive feedback on their report.

You should identify what they have done well as well as give suggestions for improvement. Remember the components of effective feedback you learned in Chapter 2. Question #1 Essay Download g_bcsl au01 p14d. rtf Upload Answer File Max File Size : IOMB Accepted File Type : [csv, doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx, txt, rtf, ppt, pptx, odf, odt, ods, odp, mdb, accdb, pub, Jpg, Jpeg] File Actions NO File workplace ethics By Jinksauce300

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