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Is College Degree Essential

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Alice Sewah 10/14/11 V1 A college degree is essential for my future Is college degree really worth all the money spent and the effort put in it? Right now in our socirty a college education is no longer a option or a privilege. Without a college degree, you might as well becomes a homeless because if you don’t have a college degree you really aren’t anybody in this society. With a college degree, you get a good job, people give you more respect and you broraden up your knowledge. To me a college degree is essential for my future in order to be successful.

First reason, college degree is essential is that it will lead me to get a really good job in the future. Being a college student perhaps more respectable role than being a janitor, lunch lady or a cook in a restaurant. When people know you as a college graduate, they give you more respect than just any ordinary person. With a college degree you get nice well-paying careers where you don’t have to break your neck and working your body to death. Even my parents motivate me more to stay in college because I don’t want to grow up and do the job that they doing now. Second reason why college is important is you gain respectful from people.

For example my older brother who is a college graduate from Northwestern university gets more respect from all my family members and outsiders too. They look at him as not any ordinary person, but as a person who has accomplished a major goal that not everybody who starts finish. I know I will hain the same respect from people once I get my college degree. A degree is not just any other paper. It’s a special dcosument that will lead me to the right places in the future. It’s not good to be labeled as a college dropout or high school dropout. I would rather be preferred to be labeled as a college graduate not drop out.

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Another reason why college is essential is not only leading you to a good job, but also it prepares you with academic knowledge about the around you. Most people are irerlate and don’t even know much about the world they live in due to the fact they didn’t finish high school or go to college. Most people excuse for not going to college is money. Yes that’s true but, there are so many resources out there to help you get into college if you’re willing to go. The way things are going now, the only way to make it through is by getting a college degree. Even with some simple jobs out there, you need some sort of degree in order to be hired.

College degree is really essential for my future because I want to make a difference and help out my family in Ghana who didn’t have the same opportunity as me to go to college. Most teens out there take education for granted and don’t care much about it. In conclusion having a college degree is for your own benefit. It will lead you to many grate places in the career industry. Yes is a lot of money and work but it’s really worth it. I know that in four years from now I will be really happy that I went to college and didn’t play around with it. Nobody can ever take your education from you it’s your god given rights.

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