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Animal Farm Essential Questions

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This is a historical, political and social allegory, that is, a story whose characters and events represent or symbolize ideas and events. George Orwell, who worked creating propaganda for the British government during World War II, saw the rise of socialism and Marxism, and the eventual dominance of Communism in the sass's. This book is Rowel's response to the world around him. How do some gain power over others? What enables them to succeed? Some gain power over others for many reasons.

They may have better leadership skills and will aka charge or they could be the smartest and the most trustworthy. What enables them to succeed is if they lead correctly their followers will do the same causing success What is propaganda and what is the relationship between propaganda and power? Propaganda is communications to the public that are designed to influence the opinions. The relationship between propaganda and power is that propaganda can be used to maintain power or gain power. Why does propaganda work?

Propaganda works because our minds are easily persuaded and any information even out by the more powerful people will be taken as true. How often In today's world are the weak exploited by the strong? Are utopias possible? I believe utopias are not possible because I think there will always be someone who will want to be different and could be greedy and change the look of the utopia. Is Animal Farm a relevant novel for the 21st century reader? All civilizations begin with a utopian society in mind but some where along the way they falter and stumble and finally fall only because of faults In human character.

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Animal Farm Essential Questions essay

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