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A Personal Application of Vroom’s Decision Making Model

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Consider a couple of decisions you are facing

A Personal Application of Vroom’s Decision Making Model

            Vroom’s decision-making model shows how different leadership styles can be effectively harnessed in solving different kinds of problems (Batesman, 2007). He identified authority, consultative and group decisions as types of management decision methods for group problems. To illustrate the following methods, I applied it to some of my personal problems.

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            The first problem is whether I should hire a housekeeper or not. This problem can be solved using the authority decision method. I need not ask my family about their suggestions since they probably would not know anything about it and since I am going to pay for the housekeeper’s wages warrants my authority over the matter. I could make use of information that I have at present, like calling housekeeping agencies or going on line to find out more about employing a housekeeper in deciding on the issue. The second problem I have is whether to buy a new house or not. Now, this problem needs to be solved in a consultative method. Clearly, I do not have all the knowledge about the intricacies of real estate. Thus, I need to consult a number of people and ask for their suggestions and opinions about the property I am considering, and from there make a decision. I also have to think of my family’s concerns since they will be affected by it, especially in terms of the location and neighborhood. The third problem is where to take my family for a vacation. I think, the group should decide this problem, in this case by the family members. It is important that each member’s voice be heard because we are all directly affected by the decision we are going to make. We have to arrive at a consensus as to where to go that everyone would enjoy.

            Through this application, I can say that Vroom’s decision-making model is a useful tool in helping individual’s look for solutions to personal and work problems.  A tool that tells us that we need not make all the decisions or look for the solutions to our problems alone.


Bateman, T.S., & Snell, S. A., (2007). Management: Leading and collaborating in a competitive

world 7th ed. McGraw-Hill/Irwin


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