Empowering Community at Grassroorts

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We had 16 youth representatives from Nepal, Bangladesh, Sir Lankan and India. (Unfortunately, Pakistan Participants were not given visa, though the clearance from the Ministry was given. Secretariat has already sent the protest note to the all concerned). This workshop took place as a part of Core Group new mission statement. For this workshop, we brought together youth of South Asia who are willing to work as community facilitators at the grassroots.

The workshop main Contents were:

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  1. SAP Perspective on Globalization Conflict and Conflict Transformation
  2. Non-violent process Cycle of Violence/Breaking the cycle of violence
  3. Case study discussion :
  4. Role of teacher, student and parent Consensus building demonstrative exercise
  5. Community Facilitation process
  6. Role of facilitator Participatory process
  7. Prepare two day workshop and prepare one sample activity sheet
  8. Prepare One year plan Globalization:
  9. Introducing the theme Regional brought the SAP perspective:
  10. need for SAP mission, SAP mission in the context of globalization.
  11. Role of youth in it.

He explained in simple language the character of the present globalization.

Normalization, Prevarication and Mechanization.

Each one of them was picked up with example and also small role lays, how this three are playing havoc with the lives of people. Mr.. Rammers built on the perspective on globalization further with the group by undertaking group exercise and examples. Linking further with Globalization and conflict. Looking deeply into globalization and its impact on the daily lives and also its national and International dimension.

He moved from conflict to conflict transformation process. Rammers presented detail analysis and made participants understand through group exercises. The role of Democratic Globalizes in challenging the process and model of development and how one can go about it in tackling the issues. Consensus building demonstrative exercise Living in pluralistic society and participation of community in the decision making process is important. Nobody should feel left out. Working with the community and arriving at a decision is a difficult process.

It takes time and requires patience. There are many ways to make decision, if you want to work in groups. Voting, raising hands have limitation and creates problem. Majority and minority decision making leaves out people dissatisfied. Giving equal share, keeping people together, helping group to grow. It is about the value, democratic view. Why it is preferable, as it helps n taking people along with you. Group Exercise: RSI. 50 from each person was collected from the group (Total RSI. 850).

The group was given the task that they need to arrive at a decision "collectively' how the amount needs to be spent. Everyone needs to agree with it and there is should be Consensus. What are things they need to do for facilitating? Aware in using words Listening attentively Respect for each other. Everyone (Cooperates) help to facilitate Reminding the group to be focused : About the Time and goal Follow the process To be aware of actions when we facilitate Reminding and summering the agreements

Justifying the one opinion and giving reasons for opposing Avoid distraction or deviating from the Goal Lesson learnt Facilitator listens and needs to interpret properly Combination of ideas and Linking Collective ideas for our goal. It requires lots of team work Respecting one another Facilitator to know-What and How Rules and regulations(No exceptions) Cooperation (We should know how to work in groups) Cycle of Violence Typography focused on the Non-violent process. Taking Journey by making effort to make group understand the Violence, the Cycle of Violence and how to break the cycle of violence.

Typography also made group work on the case study. Where student in a school had a problem with the teacher. The group then divided into three groups: Parents, teachers, Students and came out with different perceptions that each stakeholder had. Gandhi thought is revolutionary Mr. Alabamian, known as born atheist. Influenced by Gandhi values and he has been practicing nonviolence. He came all the way from Piscataway to share his knowledge and wisdom to the youth. He gave a Historical perspective of nonviolence movement in India and how Gandhi embroiled the people by feeling pulse of the national Gandhi thought is revolutionary.

Gandhi was traditional, was a visionary and revolutionary personality. A rare combination. He carried the traditional wisdom, had vision and courage to act on it. The activism inside him made Gandhi a revolutionary personality. He went on with saying that Human become enemy of nature and how the Globalization is creating conflicts. SAP PLANS Towards the end of the workshop. Typography said, muff need to continue to work what you are doing. We expect you to integrate the learning. They need to identify the specific area and community.

Participants were given assignment of Preparing a model two day workshop for their areas. And out of all the activity planned for two days they pick up one activity and come out with One activity sheet. Narrating details of how that was to be done. All participants were also asked to prepare One year calendar plan of activities. Bangladesh 1 . Mr.. Mohammad and Mr.. Talked came from Bangladesh. Both male participants were shy in the beginning. Language was the problem as they knew only Bengali language.

Mohammad was able to understand some English and communicate the other was not able to understand at all. 2. Participation Level: Can be said as fair. They plan to meet Anastasia and discuss with him. They also plan to interact with the community. They plan to organize programmed like games, cultural programmed etc. They will also organize programmer based on the learning from the workshop. Yearly chart of activities has been prepared by them. Sir Lankan 3. Ms. Kilogram and Mr.. Roman from Sir Lankan actively participated in the process.

Both of them prepared separate plans and both seem to be clear about what they will do. Ms. Kilogram prepared chart having columns of Content) With whom(Target Group) What (support needed) 4. Mr.. Roman came up with "Building up a Non-violent community's mini project proposal with project aground, Target group, Resources required, objectives and time line. Nepal 5. Mr.. Jaywalk and Ms. Klan both of them Jointly made a plan sheet which included org workshop, Radio programmer and having program on the human rights day. Both were active in the session 6. Mr..

Jaywalk came from Gate organization and is working in grassroots. Klan is with Antenna foundation. Both have showed the commitment. India 7. From India we had two Ms. Maya and Ms. Bin from attractant, Lax Ashram (Our co-coordinator Radar Bath place. 8. Ms. Maya was more vocal and shared experiences and raised questions. Bin was quiet but sensitive. She knew about the issues. Both made presentation in Hindi. They were married and working with community. 9. Ms. Sarnia and Vandal came Visitants network organization. Santa is young, enthusiastic and willingness to learn new things.

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