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Seattle Central Community College

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In my desire to have a sturdier foundation in establishing my dream and to enhance my values to be a stronger person, I have decided to transfer to Seattle University. In my previous school, Seattle Central Community College, I had been afforded with adequate education for my chosen course. However, I have decided to change my chosen my path to a better one. Hence, I have shifted to (course to enroll in Seattle University) in Seattle University.

Undeniably, Seattle University has established its reputation in the field of education. The members of its faculty are also respected for their dedication in imparting their time and effort in developing the talents and skills of their students.

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The school is also complete with facilities necessary in making their students comfortable and contented in their studies. The school’s environment is also perfect as it provides for a learning ambiance that adds motivation for students. The school is indeed a great choice in the realization of my dream.

I have also been inspired by the school’s mission and vision in producing students who will not only be successful in their chosen career but also an inspiration in the society because of their values and attitude towards societal problems. Notably, one of the school’s ways of educating their students is opening their minds about poverty, injustice, discrimination and other societal problems.

As for me, I have been aspiring to share my life in helping my country by contributing to the minimization of these problems. I also realized that fulfillment does not come by any degree earned but by every simple yet great deeds and helping others from their pain. For me, I want to explore and understand more about these problems in order to decide my own way of helping and to being an asset of the society.

In reaching this goal, I have confidence that Seattle University is the perfect institution that can provide me the values, experience, knowledge and the skills I need.

Remarkably, faith is the foremost essential value that shields and protects an individual in battling all the trials and difficulties that may arise in the future. Through faith, one becomes stronger and fully spirited in taking his journey in life. As a Catholic individual, I have been found on faith. My parents have been imparting me important values that are necessary in dealing with life and to be a better person.

In going on with my journey, I desire that the Catholic institution will continue to guide me. This will not only strengthen my faith but will also remind me of the basic values that I may come to forget when exposed in another environment.

Furthermore, I long to enroll in Seattle University because I am fond of making friends with students from around the globe. At Seattle University, I will not be having difficulty in finding friends of different races because the school is diversified which is populated with students from all parts of the world. Through diversity,

I also wish to join student organizations in the school in order to gain more friends and additional input necessary in the development of my personality. Through these organizations, I believe that my self-confidence will be improved.

At the same time, I am interested in joining volunteer community activities that any organizations may be engaging into. By reaching out to those in needs, I will be able to experience real life. I will also explore the outside world. More importantly, these activities will give me an opportunity to help others in my own simple way.

To reiterate, I am determined to transfer to Seattle University because I want to improve my academic capability, values, attitude, and skills. In addition, I also want to make new friends and join organizations that are engaged in helping communities. Furthermore, I have chosen this institution because I am confident that it has all the factors needed in the realization of my dream an in making me a better person.

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