Effects Technology on Four Functions of Management

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Technology is persistently changing and management has to stay ahead given that it is quite impossible to operate without new technology in this competitive world. In order to keep up with the stiff competition from competitors, Target Stores make decisions constantly that guarantee this success. Target Stores in keeping with technology, was the first to introduce smart visa cards. In 2002, they offered Target smart visa cards through affiliation with Retailers National Bank will be chipped in any target stores sale terminals where they will be accepted to make payments by customers.

This decision will enable its customers to make payment with ease. Customers’ transactions are easily monitored thus facilitating easy reward to their frequent customers. This new technology results to new valuable experiences for consumers given that it changes the image of Target Stores for customer are thus promised to pay less while expecting more through the reward system. The management authority is assigned to other staffs in Target Stores tasks and responsibility through delegation.

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Delegation to subordinate in the store is utilized in the managing the functions of management. Delegation within Target Stores takes place from regional down to staff members though the responsibility lies with the higher level management. Through planning and organizing, they are able to implement the new technology in their system by posting employees to different departments in the store to ensure that work is done properly and crime is avoided (Berman, Evans & Mahaffey, 2005).

Additionally, leading and controlling make use of delegation for there is a hierarchy of management and staff in the operation and store. This facilitates the implementation of the new technology in Target Stores given that higher managers can easily control the responsibility of lower ones through delegation. References Berman, B. , Evans, J. & Mahaffey, T. (2005). Retail Management: A Strategic Approach. Canada: Pearson Education:

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