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Technology and Management Functions

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The diversely changing business environment has called upon strong models of technological outfit which address the core competencies with which organizations thrive on. Generally, the competitive advantage of the modern organization has only been possible pursuit to the advancement in the technological growth which has consequently helped to streamline the core organizational functions with their goals and objectives. Principally, technology has been of importance in aligning the core management functions towards a resting point of productive layout which gives such an organization adequate stepping stones towards which they can explore the proactive business opportunities within the highly competitive business environment.

My organization has indeed rested upon strong technological proximities as a tool for organizational governance based on adequacy in approach of the basic core management functions. This is to imply that, technology has been used as a good source of organizational competence with which my company leverages on, providing it with a long lasting solution for competitive advantage. The technological component within my organization therefore has been a compound of various technological outfits which have been described as inherent in the modern business world in providing functionality, systems design, management and operational ability for the various activities and processes within the organization.

Technological has not only been inherent subject to the use and employment of machines and tools, but also the use of intangible technologies and process that help to provide a continuous co-ordination of the day to day organizational activities within the organization as well as with the external stakeholders of the company (Dibrell, Craig, 2008). Various strategic and managerial issues have thus arisen from the same technological development. This has been leveled from the fact that technological development within the organization provide candid grounds with which the management can spearhead various managerial process aimed at strengthening the core management functions as well as other strategic ideologies that arise as a  result of development in technology.

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Conceptually, technology has continued to play wide range of importance in our organization, bringing into a close realization the core management functions with the expected strategic models of the company. Just to mention, the four management functions which are organizing, controlling, planning and leading, have all been subject to various technological implications. Adequacy in the functionality of the four has been provided by the interactive phenomenon between each and at least a specific technological component, which help in information dissemination and coordination across all the organizational components.

An important facet of technology within my organization has been that of information technology, with which classically wide array of communication framework across the different organizational components has been necessitated (Lee, Tseng, 2009). Development and investment in business technology within my organization, that runs from simple mobile phone technology, to other information exchange and core production technological tools has been perhaps the building block of our current state of competence in the business environment that uses various operational advantages to address its needs within its approach.

Business technology has been the corner stone with which my organization continues to embrace a widely classified competitive advantage from its operational symmetry classified with various advantages. Of importance also has been the investment in digital technology with which the organization uses to channel most of its activities and process through. The step towards management in business technology has thus helped my organization in unifying management and growth in technology towards a center stage of optimal decision making and attempt to build a long lasting spirit of the entrepreneurial motive.

The quest for technology within my organization has rested on multiple of provisions which include software development, solution in communicating networking, maintenance in computer hardware, technical support systems and the diverse development in the productive technology of the organization. Reliance in computing and other computer related technological components have helped in giving a motive of strong reliance with which my organization can achieve its broad productive mission.

By and large, technology has by far helped to address the organizational needs not only by providing an arms length with which the various management functions can continuously integrate with each other, but also from the managerial perspective of comparative advantages it provides to the organization. Just to mention, advancement and investment in technology has provided various statutory benefits and implications for the organization.

One, technology has been the basic tool with which my organization can undertake its processes and activities in a fast and speedy manner. This has also been doubled with high quality and quantity in output thus meeting the organizational objectives of competitive advantages (Dibrell, Craig, 2008). The use of computer and other technological devices for organizational production has been helpful in providing grounds with which activities can be done in fast and speedy manner. Deliveries and consignments have been able to be provided within their prescribed time frames.

Technology has also been a cornerstone for which efficiency can be increased in all organizational undertakings. Efficiency in this perspective has been an importance hallmark with which logistic models that provide competitive advantage for the organization can be enhanced. My organization has thus been able to change and respond instantaneously to various business demands and expectations which foster optimal executions of their activities. Bias to informational technology for example, data can be stored in various formats which can be explored in a fast and efficient manner to bring about the need for corporate efficiency.

Of importance also is the need for multi-tasking with which my organization has been able to embrace adequately subject to the investment in various technological provisions.  For, example, the use of computer and other computer related tools has enabled various persons at different levels of managerial components to perform different tasks at the same time. Multi-tasking within my organization has been one of the important attributes which help to provide optimal resource functionality.

Additionally, technology within my organization has been perhaps the most important sediments and a path towards which cost precept can be internalized. The use of a wide framework of technology both in the computing, information technology and the productive process has been important in safeguarding the cost intercept of the organization (Lee, Tseng, 2009). Both information technology management and business process management have leveraged their axes on the importance of technology as a quest with which the organization can meet its productive layout without much difficult.

Summarily therefore, business technology within my organization has thus been used as the core tool for improving communication as well as maximizing the efficiency component within the work place. The company has continuously used structural components of information technology as the main tool with which it can achieve classically various advantages in its productive framework.  It has seldom been able to align its strategic goals and objectives with its various managerial functions. A realized relationship has been achieved between the four levels of management subject to the use of technology as the core model with which it can address its wide array of its activities.


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