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Education and Training that supports the Changing Economy

Our mission is to provide a commonly available education with an international perspective, receptive to the needs of the individual and the economy at large.

We contend that quality education and training is a vital requirement for a knowledge-based economy.  We consider deeply in the inherent value of life-long learning.  Our commitment with industry, business, and higher educational colleges highlight the foundations on which the School has been established.  Our nucleus and ways of working are that we:

  1. Place students and teachers at the center of all our activities;
  2. Promote and coerce for high standards and achievements;
  3. Are dedicated to excellence in all our tasks;
  4. Are a comprehensive school that encourage lifelong learning and equal opportunities;
  5. Promote team working and the distribution of knowledge, information and experiences;
  6. Value and energetically hearten respect for the environment; and
  7. Demeanor all our operations in a professional manner, with integrity, competence, accountability and collective dependability.

Strategic Aims

The strategic objectives upon which this strategic plan is based are:

  1. To augment and widen the contribution of students, raise accomplishment whilst ensuring succession and equal opportunities;
  2. To induce competence, accountability and value for money;
  3. To provide a secure, convivial, friendly and superb teaching and learning environment;
  4. To consistently develop and sustain a professional, technically competent and effective staff;
  5. To construct effective national and international partnerships, school links, university links and collaborative arrangements;
  6. To sustain and enhance a positive approach towards equal opportunities irrespective of unjustified differences;
  7. To adopt a marketing oriented approach in research, analysis and catering for the target markets;
  8. To meet the training needs of staff through consultations with professional bodies and employers; and
  9. To become a key player and a centre of distinction with respect to international students.


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