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Barkley Fully Supports NBAs New Dress Code

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This argument is intended to show that Charles Barkley, a major star in the National Basketball Association (NBA), supports the unpopular dress code then-recently established by the league. The writer intends to show that the dress code has support among the players and that there are good reasons to support the code.

The writer apparently wants the reader to understand that 1) some basketball players support this new rule, 2) that the manner in which people dress can make a difference in their lives, and 3) that some professional athletes can and do act as role models to their young fans.

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The occasion for the argument is both present and future. The first occasion arises from the ongoing argument that athletes should be role models for their fans, of which the dress code is a part. The second occasion for the argument is future, in that the present change that the author would like to effect would have an effect at a future date. This article argues fact, evaluation, and proposal. It argues fact by describing the actual dress code and the evidence of the other basketball players’ behavior in response to it.

It evaluates that behavior and the probable effect that inappropriate dress might have on teens. Finally, it proposes different behaviors for basketball players as a group. The target audience for this article appears to be basketball fans, particularly teenagers and their parents. This article makes appeals from of logos and ethos. The author argues logically, stating cause and effect in terms of both how basketball players’ examples have an effect on their fans and how an individual dresses affects other people’s perception.

In addition, it argues using ethos when the author describes the words and actions of Julius Irving and of Jay Leno. Charles Barkley is making the argument, which the author is reporting. Because Barkley is a basketball player himself, he appears to be reliable and to make a valid argument.. The author attempts to make himself appear trustworthy by interviewing Charles Barkley for his article. In addition, he provides illustrations of other basketball players, possibly to indicate that he knows--or at least knows of--the players of which he writes.

Because Barkley was a basketball star and is currently employed as a TNT commentator, his words are already have authority. In addition, the author cites Julius Irving, the tape of the Jay Leno show, and the facts and figures involved in Barkley’s charitable work and business. The arguments made do not define what the “appropriate” forms of dress might be, either according to the dress code or according to society. Nor does the argument define what it means to dress like a basketball player, as opposed to what it means to dress like other people.

In addition, the author does not describe how Charles Barkley himself dresses. There is some attempt to argue the dress code from a racial perspective. However, a better argument that is also touched on is that young fans look up to professional athletes, who should provide good examples for them. The argument attempts to serve the interests of the fans, but professional athletes also gain from it by their increased credibility in the eyes of the public if they dress “appropriately. ” The argument is framed by the discussion of the filming of the Jay Leno segment.

It is arranged as a story within a story, in which the author discusses a conversation that takes place during the event that he describes in the opening of the article. The language of the article is straightforward and simple and addresses a topic that the audience cares about. It appeals to the audience by making its points in an easy to understand fashion.

Barkley Fully Supports NBAs New Dress Code essay

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