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The company also constantly comes up with new offers to customers for all kinds of holidays. Those customers who are looking for some unique way of spending time can be sure that they will find it at Hilton. For example, Hilton Hotels Corporation came up with a very unique offer for Valentine’s Day in order to attract customers.

“Treat your loved one to the ultimate romantic experience at the London Hilton on Park Lane, with an overnight stay in a deluxe room with flowers and champagne on arrival, a five-course candlelit dinner created by Windows Chef Jaques Rolancy, a special gift for all couples, and a romantic breakfast served in your room the next day. ” (From Your Valentine… With Love the Hilton Guide to St. Valentine’s Day. Available at URL: http://www. hilton. co. uk/corporateinfo/906_News Release. jsp? nid=11195864).

Hilton Hotels Corporation is also very successful in establishing a firm relationship with customers by communicating with them through the website. E-marketing strategies are particularly important for Hilton because the company seeks to target some of its customers with the help of online offers. Hilton Hotels Corporation has recently won an award for the best hotel website at e-tid. com Online Travel Distribution Awards. According to Tim Davis, the company’s Distribution and e-Commerce manager, 'Hilton is pleased that, after considerable investment in our online presence, it is proving popular with our customers.

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This award illustrates that we are giving our customers the information and functionality they are looking for, all with the reassurance of the world's leading hotel brand. ” (Victory for Hilton. co. uk at E-tid. com Awards. Available at URL: http://www. hilton. co. uk/corporateinfo/906_NewsRelease. jsp? nid=11222138). Even though Hilton Hotels Corporation currently occupies a large share of the market and has many loyal customers, it is necessary for the company to constantly readjust its strategy due to the constantly changing environment.

Relationship marketing tools need to be constantly fine-tuned according to the needs of the consumers. The key strategic issues on which Hilton Hotels Corporation has to focus in future in order to achieve the goal include: frequent analysis of consumers’ preferences and tendencies in the market; constant innovations and renovations; further development of the company’s online services; international expansion to new popular tourist destinations.

The situation in the hospitality industry at present is not very favourable for Hilton Hotels Corporation because frequent terrorist attacks, appearance of deadly diseases and other factors makes people more careful when they decide to travel and choose a place to stay. However, the increased demand for safety and comfort can be one of the greatest opportunities for Hilton Hotels Corporation because there are no other hotels in the world which offer as high a quality of services as the company does.

Customers seek comfort and safety, and they will be willing to get involved in a long-term relationship with Hilton in order to be well-protected. An important strategic alternative for the company is focus on international expansion. As the management of the company has repeated many times, Asia and Eastern Europe are becoming the most popular tourist destinations these days, and Hilton Hotels Corporation can obtain large profits due to expansion to those countries.

China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and Singapore are currently considered one of the most important tourist destinations in the area, and Hilton Hotels Corporation can get many loyal customers in these countries if it applies its relationship marketing tools. Customers in Asia are becoming more and more sophisticated in their preferences, and by providing the highest level of services Hilton Hotels Corporation will be able to acquire and retain many customers in these areas.

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