E-commerce and Globalization

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 Check the internet about the company you chose. Check the websites as well. How is e-commerce applied in the organization? Answer: Dell has been chosen as an organization for this assignment. The company has a website at Dell. com and places itself better in the eCommerce environment. The company positions itself as an eCommerce site where various levels of customers ranging from individuals, governments, small and medium to big businesses. Dell places their website as a virtual store for computer products and services.

It reinforces this alliance with visual symbols such as “Dell Best Buys”, “Add to Basket” and instructions to “proceed to Basket and Checkout” which are reminders of physical store environments, "providing familiarity to customers. "  Dell’s aim is to generate profit, enabling them to survive, re-invest and grow. The Dell marketplace is concerned with generating sales and making sales leads purely through their purchase site. How can e-commerce provide a competitive advantage for that organization?

E-commerce for Dell has revolutionized the world of display of various products for a section of customers in the marketplace. The competitors like Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Apple and others make sure that innovation is the key to their functionality and operations. The seamless integration of supply chain management, customer relationship management and total quality management improves for all the aligned business and its competitors as intense competition increases.

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The operations management for the organization becomes competitive and total quality management works at a rapid pace thus benefitting the organization to improve its existing business process to satisfy more customers (Timmers, 1998). Relate to the former IBM chairman Louis Gerstner s comment `all about cycle time, speed, and globalization, enhanced productivity, reaching new customers, and sharing knowledge across institutions for competitive advantage. ` Can you relate what you have learned in this module to the function of e-commerce in the organization? Answer:

The e-commerce strategy for this organization has brought a new innovation to the way business processes are organized and further decision-making of the organization. The various business processes relating to the customer relationship management are now organized keeping in mind the user preferences and processes to retain the existing customer. Trepper (2000) mentions that eCommerce not only revolutionizes the business abilities of a business but profounds the very manner of doing business and making the right judgment towards customers and resources in general. It also mines the information sensitivity nature of the business for gaining a competitive advantage for this existence.


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