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Discuss Moral Values

Societies have ideally tried to uphold higher ethical standards and moral values as the code of conduct for all members.Individuals try to behave according to such standards but in reality what is construed as moral or immoral are generally relative to the values adhered to by the individual (Fisher, 2005).If the person values money and wealth, then being unscrupulous in doing business to gain more profits will not be immoral.

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On the other hand if the individual values justice and fairness, then his/her behavior would naturally be in accordance with such values ands is expected to be morally upright.

In the corporate world there is more room for less moral restraints and unethical behavior. Corporations promote competitiveness and reward those who are able to close the biggest deal or to get the largest customer or the greatest profit which means that individuals will likely pursue these goals without any qualms of whether it is moral or not. For example, the corporate scandals in the stock exchange was said to have been done to drive the stock price upwards falsely even if it meant cheating the shareholders of their money.

It is immoral to cheat or to take advantage of other people but for those in the corporate world, it is the usual way of doing business. Some corporations are so competitive that even employees themselves try to outsmart each other and get on top, even if it meant backstabbing, falsely accusing others or even claiming credit for other people’s work. However, not all companies are run this way, some try to be just and honest, but if the organization does not promote a culture of positive moral values then their employees would really not be required to behave as such.

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