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Essays on Morals

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The Picture of Dorian Gray Moral Lesson

Oscar Wilde is one of the greatest literary showmen of the English nineteenth century. Of all his works, his only novel “…” is considered his masterpiece. In this novel, a moral lesson can be implied: Corruption will lead to destruction, obsession and torture. A moral …

MetaphysicsMoralityMoralsThe Picture of Dorian Gray
Words 452
Pages 2
Without Freedom it is Impossible to Make Moral Choice Discuss

Kant, a soft determinist, said that in order to make a moral decision we must have freedom. Kant believed that the ability to make moral decisions lay within the existence of freedom; stating that if we are not free to make our own decisions those …

Words 110
Pages 1
Animal Farm: the morals of the novel

George Orwell had written his novel “Animal Farm” in order to warn his readers for numerous reasons. In many parts of the novel, George Orwell clearly portrayed how ignorance was a very big part as to why the animals were so easily controlled. This In …

Animal FarmMorals
Words 1062
Pages 4
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Importance of Moral Science

In today’s rat race values are eroding fast. There is a total decadence in social and moral values. Children go to schools daily thinking how to scale heights they will reach. How rich education can make them. In today’s cut throat competition even the parents …

Words 648
Pages 3
College Life vs My Moral Code

At the time of this read, 1997, Elisha Dov Hack was a Yale university freshman who based his upcoming dormitory lifestyle off of what he had heard from his older brother. Hack’s objection was that in previous years, there was a policy in motion that …

College LifeLIFEMorals
Words 523
Pages 2
A Comparison between the Moral Philosophy of John Stuart Mill and Immanuel Kant

The discussion on Moral Philosophy and ethics has always been a controversial and very debatable topic, especially if we are to discuss each and every philosophy or ideology of every philosopher starting off from Greece up to the Post Modernists.  In relation to this particular …

HappinessMetaphysicsMoral PhilosophyMorals
Words 70
Pages 1
Values and Morals through Native American Myths and Tales

Throughout all forms of Native American tales and myths we see many values and aspects portrayed by the Native American people. In the myths that are read, the reader can easily pick off and single off values that the Native American people truly saw were …

Words 140
Pages 1
Henry Iv – Moral Centre

Hanh-Thy Chau 2M N. Wittlin February 25, 2003 ENG2DB-02 A Revision of Morality in Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part One Who is the moral centre in Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part one? This will ceaselessly be a question challenging the intentions of Shakespeare’s literature. However, [didn’t Wittlin …

Henry IvMoralityMoralsTruthVirtue
Words 1378
Pages 6
Morality and Moral Values

Ralslng a family In a society that Is fast-paced and ever changing can make It confusing to know just which values to teach your children. As a general rule, it’s up to you to teach your children what to believe, and how they should live …

Words 1078
Pages 4
Are good intentions necessary for moral action

The intention of the man to return the phone is enough to account for moral action. But, consequentiality like Bethel believes that the consequence of the moral action determines whether the actions are right or wrong not the intention, even though the intention may be …

Words 1339
Pages 5
Moral Degradation of Modern Society or Moral Evolution? Author: Unpretentious Diva

“I fully subscribe to the judgment of those writers who maintain that of all the difference between man and the lower animals, the moral sense or conscience is by far the most important” Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man. Is it the phase of moral …

Words 942
Pages 4
Moral Relativism vs. Moral Objectivism

Moral relativism is a philosophical doctrine which claims that moral or ethical theses do not reveal unqualified and complete moral truths (Pojman, 1998). However, it formulates claims comparative to social, historical, and cultural, or individual preferences. Moreover, moral relativism recommends that no particular standard or …

Words 610
Pages 3
An Analysis of Moral in Who Moved My Cheese

Who Moved My Cheese? By Spencer Johnson, M. D. A Review and Essay By David Cox, Instructional Technology Facilitator Tioga Junior High School and Tioga High School At a time when Rapides Parish schools are once again facing huge financial deficits with resultant changes at …

MoralsWho Moved My Cheese
Words 961
Pages 4
Youth Crime, Moral Panics, and the News

Introduction Is youth crime a moral panic or a moral crisis, many people will have different views however what view does the media haveThe media tend to represent youth crime as a moral panic within society to create a stir and gain the public’s attention. …

Words 1531
Pages 6
Superhero, a moral example

What images will come into your mind when you are thinking about Superhero? People usually image superheroes as men that with extraordinary powers. And they are secret identity that would like to protect other people from dangerous but never ask for reward. Superheroes are famous …

Words 1162
Pages 5
Adolescent Moral Development

Morality can be defined as the distinction between what is right and wrong or what is good and bad. Although, moral reasoning depends on culture which makes it difficult to define. Most people don’t look at where these principles are coming from or what guides …

MetaphysicsMoral DevelopmentMoralityMorals
Words 921
Pages 4
Making Moral Decisions

There are many things we must consider before we make any type of decision. First off, we must think about how our actions are going to affect us and those around us. We must follow the golden rule, “do unto others as you would have …

Words 435
Pages 2
Analyzing Jane’s Development with Piaget’s Theory

            Case Study of Jane Analyzing the Applicability of Piaget’s theory of social, cognitive and moral development.             I conducted this study on a female friend who I have given the name Jane for confidentiality and privacy purposes. The resource persons who gave me the …

Case StudyCognitive TheoryMoral DevelopmentMoralsSocial StudiesTheories
Words 122
Pages 1
The Decline of Moral Education from the 1950s to Today

Civilization of nations depends on moral character and attitudes of its people. It is acquired by education and training of its people. Education starts right from childhood and is an essential prerequisite for developing a good moral character. Education of a child plays a vital …

1950sEducationMoral EducationMorals
Words 943
Pages 4
Margaret Atwood- Moral Disorder

In the course of the many interrelated short stories written in Moral Disorder we tend to find out many thing about the main characters. In some ways the reader develops a sort of one on one relationship with each character, and learns more and more …

Words 962
Pages 4
Values and Morals through Native American Myths and Tales Analysis

Values in Native American Tales Throughout all forms of Native American tales and myths we see many values and aspects portrayed by the Native American people. In the myths that are read, the reader can easily pick off and single off values that the Native …

Words 940
Pages 4
Adrift In A Moral Sea: Should We Help The Needy?

In his article, Hardin presents a compelling argument why we should not help the needy: we cannot afford it. And by all means, I agree with Mr. Hardin. The bottom line is it is not in our interests to help the needy. It may be …

Words 949
Pages 4
Barack Obama: Greatest Moral Failure

Of his early childhood, Obama recalled, “That my father looked nothing like the people around me—that he was black as pitch, my mother white as milk—barely registered in my mind. ” He described his struggles as a young adult to reconcile social perceptions of his …

Barack ObamaMorals
Words 1288
Pages 5
Ethical and Moral Issues in Business

While ethics refers to understanding and adopting moral values such as code of conduct, morals are the beliefs of individuals determining what is right and wrong in behavior. Although organizations may have set rules to standardize a working environment, individuals may follow standard procedures while …

Words 561
Pages 3
Features of Natural Moral Law & Dicuss Whether Its Strengths

EXAMINE THE KEY FEATURES OF NATURAL MORAL LAW & DICUSS WHETHER ITS STRENGTHS OUTWEIGH ITS WEAKNESSES Natural Law has roots that stem back to Ancient Greece, and it was Aristotle who really created the approach. It was also depicted in Sophocles’ play Antigone, where the …

Words 918
Pages 4
Emotional and Moral Development

Developmental psychologists recognized that when an individual begins life, we are all amoral or in other words, an individual do not yet have the rudiments of moral judgment.  By the time an individual becomes adults, however, he/she may possess a complex notion of morality.  Morality …

MetaphysicsMoral DevelopmentMoralityMorals
Words 1075
Pages 4
Rapping and Moral Values

Moral values and graciousness, in the past, were prominent in most teenagers. Majority of the youths then learnt respect, courtesy, consideration, decency, propriety, honesty and righteousness from a young age, and had enough self-discipline to hold to these values. However, these moral values and self-discipline …

Words 873
Pages 4
Religious and Moral about Clowns

Clowns are generally considered that they exist for fun and entertainment, but when one who has clear knowledge about a clown and his job, one will understand how powerful clowns are. Barbara Tedlock has studied a lot about clown across the world and he wrote …

Words 555
Pages 3
Pokémon Go Has Exposed Hacker Subculture and a Personal Moral Dilemma

Unless you have managed to avoid all public places for the past few weeks, you have more than likely experienced the worldwide phenomena that is , either as a player or as an unfortunate bystander who has been bumped on the sidewalk by one.While the …

Moral DilemmaMoralsSubculture
Words 925
Pages 4
Huckleberry Finn’s Moral Compass

Nathan Walker Mr. Dickenson Period 3 1/7/12 Critic Keith Neilson writes, “And so Huckleberry Finn ends, one of the saddest happy endings in literature. Jim is free, after an awful initiation that nearly gets him lynched. Tom is almost killed, yet learns nothing from the …

Huckleberry FinnMoralityMorals
Words 402
Pages 2
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Morality is the differentiation of intentions, decisions and actions between those that are distinguished as proper and those that are improper.


Moral principles are guidelines that people live by to make sure they are doing the right thing. These include things like honesty, fairness, and equality. Moral principles can be different for everyone because they depend on how a person was raised and what is important to them in life.


Moral power is the degree to which an actor, by virtue of his or her perceived moral stature, is able to persuade others to adopt a particular belief or take a particular course of action.


A moral holiday involves the belief that because the going has gotten tough, the law is suspended. And in law enforcement, the belief that the going is tough, or could turn tough at any moment, is a cornerstone of much training and acculturation.

Books on morality

  • Morality: Restoring the Com...
  • Beyond Good and Evil
  • Groundwork of the Metaphy...
  • Justice: What's the Right Thi...
  • The Moral Landscape

Moral philosophers

  • Immanuel Kant
  • Aristotle
  • Plato
  • David Hume
  • Socrates

Frequently asked questions

What is the moral essay?
The moral essay is a type of essay that explores the personal beliefs and values of the writer. This type of essay often takes the form of a personal narrative, in which the writer reflects on a past event or experience that helped to shape their moral character. While there is no one correct way to approach the moral essay, some common themes include the importance of honesty, compassion, and respect. Ultimately, the goal of the moral essay is to provide readers with a glimpse into the writer's innermost thoughts and feelings on what it means to live a good life.
Why moral is important?
First, moral helps individuals to live in harmony with others. It provides guidelines for how people should interact with one another, and helps to prevent conflict. Second, moral helps individuals to develop a sense of right and wrong. It helps people to understand the consequences of their actions, and to make choices that are in line with their values. Third, moral helps individuals to build character. It helps people to develop qualities such as empathy, compassion, and self-control. Fourth, moral helps individuals to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. It helps people to find purpose and meaning in life, and to lead lives that are worthy of respect.
What is moral in your own words?
In general, moral refers to the principles that guide our behavior and choices. These principles can be derived from religious beliefs, philosophies, or simply from a set of personal values. Many people use the term moral to describe what is right and wrong, but there can be significant differences in how people define these concepts. For example, some people may believe that it is always wrong to steal, while others may only see it as wrong if it causes harm to another person.There is no single answer to the question of what is moral. What is considered moral by one person may not be seen as such by another. This is why it is important to thoughtfully consider our own values and beliefs when making decisions, and to be respectful of the differing views of others.
How do you start a moral essay?
There are some general tips that may be helpful. First, it is important to choose a topic that you feel strongly about. This will make it easier to write with conviction and persuasively argue your point of view. Next, you will need to decide what your thesis statement will be. This is the main argument of your essay, so make sure it is clear and concise. Once you have your thesis, you can begin outlining your essay. Start with an introduction that will grab the reader's attention and give them an overview of your argument. Then, provide evidence to support your thesis in the body of your essay. Finally, conclude your essay with a strong conclusion that leaves the reader with something to think about.

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